Ankle Support Vinyl Wings White Product Review

vinyl-wingsAnkle Support with Vinyl Wings in White by Core provides a high level of support for an injured ankle, without the hard plastic pieces of a full on brace.

Ankle Support Vinyl Wings White Product Features




This therapy unit includes the following features:

  • The unique design of this ankle support includes a series of vinyl flaps or wings that fold over one another to provide a snug fit around the foot and ankle. The wearer laces up the cloth laces, which draw together the wings in their designated configuration, and the ankle support is ready to go.
  • The Ankle Support Vinyl Wings is available in a variety of sizes, because its design depends on a snug fit to the individual wearer. The wearer can choose from extra small, small, medium, large, or extra large.
  • The eyelets are offset in the vinyl wings in a pattern that provides the most possible support, which is why the lacing system itself has been patented by Core and cannot be found anywhere else.
  • When the wearer dons the correct size of ankle support and laces the wings into position, the side supports offer strong support while the support itself maintains a slim outline that can fit easily inside any shoe.
  • This ankle support provides a more robust form of support than elastic wraps.

What Buyers Like About the Ankle Support with Vinyl Wings

Users particularly enjoy these features when they operate the unit:

  • This ankle support is one of the most comfortable on the market, particularly considering the high level of support it provides. With supportive laces and a unique design of vinyl wrap components, the brace supports the ankle remarkably well without restricting the wearer with hard and bulky plastic or metal components.
  • The slim design of this ankle support makes it easy to slip inside a shoe of any design. The wearer won’t even have to loosen the laces of their shoes because this ankle support takes up no more bulk or room than a thick sock would do. This makes it ideal to wear during an athletic or sporting event, because the athletic shoes will fit as always and not be impeded in the support they are designed to provide. The wearer has all of the benefits of additional support without any of the drawbacks of a brace or thicker wrap.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Ankle Support with Vinyl Wings

Unlike some of the hard braces that snap on with a zip of Velcro or a quick latch of a plastic catch, the lacings of this brace require a couple minutes to put on. The wearer usually finds this investment of time well worth it, enjoying the strong support afforded by the vinyl wing design and lacing, without the inconveniences of a restrictive hard brace.


Ankle Support with Vinyl Wings in White by Core is a great intermediate option for a person whose ankle injury does not necessitate a hard brace, but requires more support than a simple elastic wrap. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Orthopedic Supports for you.