Bakwell Back Pain Relief System Product Review

bakwell-back-painThe Bakwell Back Pain Relief System provides an entire package of electrical stimulation relief for back pain caused by any manner of underlying conditions or injuries.

Bakwell Back Pain Relief System Product Features



This back support system includes the following features:

  • The electrical stimulator comes with a fitted and padded back brace that is precisely designed to deliver electrical stimulation to the back in areas where pain relief will be needed.
  • The unit uses trans-cutaneal electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to interrupt the pain signals sent from the nerve endings to the brain, offering almost instantaneous relief from chronic pain.
  • Patients can manually adjust the width of pulse, rate of pulse, and the intensity of the electrical stimulation, fine-tuning the settings to provide the maximum pain relief.
  • The instruction booklet included with this unit is easy to understand, and does not require medical professionals or extensive training for operation of the pain relief system.
  • The dimensions of the stimulator machine are approximately five inches by three inches by a slim inch wide. It can be worn at the belt with electrodes, or in conjunction with the full back brace. Its weight, even with the battery in place, is negligible, so a patient can wear the machine while engaging in activities that would otherwise cause too much pain.
  • The Bakwell Back Pain Relief unit comes with eight preset programs, so a patient need not figure out complex combinations of parameters in order to administer effective treatment. Any one of the eight programs can be initiated by touching a button, and the patient will quickly get a feel for which settings are most useful in different situations.
  • This machine has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use by any person, regardless of age or gender, with the sole exception of patients who have a pacemaker in place.

What Buyers Like About The Bakwell Back Pain Relief System

Buyers of this back support system enjoy these features:

  • Chronic lower back pain can impede many normal activities and make it difficult for a person to get on with daily life, or even nightly sleep. When a chronic pain patient discovers the relief that can be afforded by electrical stimulation, life improves measurably.
  • This unit has been specifically constructed to address and relieve back pain, and is therefore superbly fitted to the task.
  • Many chronic sufferers of back pain have previously had to resort to prescription medication, but this unit allows them to be free of drugs.

What Buyers Don’t Like About The Bakwell Back Pain Relief System

Because this unit is specifically designed for treatment of the back, it is less versatile than some stimulators that can be used for multiple areas of the body. However, it is the best machine on the market for the specific relief of back pain.


The Bakwell Back Pain Relief System has provided electrical pain relief to many patients would otherwise be restricted in their ability to undertake daily activities. With easy operational controls and a low price, this electrical stimulator is an excellent option for those suffering from incapacitating back pain. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Orthopedic Support for you.