Bloody and painful experience for golf fan at the Masters 2013

masters-2013The first day of practice at the Masters attracted many golf fans who gathered to see their favorite superstars heat up for this important event. It was one fan however that got to see and feel what type of action the Masters is headed for as two-time champion Jose Maria Olazabal accidentally struck him when performing his second shot on the par-five 8th hole. The fan's name is Travis Zielasko, an associate of Discount Medical Supplies.

Zielasko fell to the ground of the beautiful Augusta course as the side of his head exploded in a blood bath from the unexpected bolt.  The medical staff attended the emergency and stabilized the fan who was carried away for further medical assistance but not before Jose Maria Olazabal approached him to apologize and to give him an autographed glove for the trouble.


Who would ever think that golf could be so dangerous? Well, a golf ball in particular can cause great damage in situations like this one. Although the odds of getting struck by a golf ball are very low, when it does happen the injury can be life threatening. In 1999 Golf Digest carried out a series of tests were crash test dummies got hit by golf balls propelled by a machine. The balls were aimed to hit the head, chest and the arms. Test results determined that many of these injuries could be critical and even fatal if they were not attended quickly and properly. The tests also showed that the most vulnerable area to be affected by these hits is the temporal area on the head, and that is exactly where Travis Zielasko was struck.

Hoping that no further accidents like this one repeats itself The Masters of Golf is underway as the best golfers around the world give their very best and more at the Augusta National Golf Club. As expected, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy are the top three players of the tournament and are responsible for creating more media buzz than others. Nevertheless there is plenty of talent on the course and it could perfectly be an opportunity for other players to step into the spotlight.