Buy Body Drummer Hot/Cold Vibrating Massager

body-drummerThe Body Drummer Hot/Cold Vibrating Massager is one of the best ways to relieve tension, exhaustion, and pain on back, neck, arms and leg muscles. It can be used at home without the supervision of a doctor of physical therapist.  The user has the option of a percussion-vibration massage in two speeds, high and low that will result in an improvement of the circulatory system in the area and furthermost a better flow of oxygen to accelerate  the healing process.

As the name suggests it, the Body Drummer Hot/Cold Vibrating Massager offers heat therapy and Cold therapy. Heat therapy will assist in the treatment of muscle pain and tension. On the other hand, cold therapy will sooth the pain located in joints and muscles as well as minimize the swelling.  It has the capability of going from one temperature to another in a matter of seconds.

Body Drummer Hot/Cold Vibrating Massager Product Features


  • Two speed option : High and Low
  • Hot Therapy as well as Cold Therapy for the different scenarios or simultaneously
  • One hour charge for 45 minutes of massage
  • Cordless and Ergonomic Design for a better reach and comfort
  • Dimensions:16" x 5"x 4",Warranty:1 year Limited

What Buyers Like About Body Drummer Hot/Cold Vibrating Massager

Nothing beats getting home after a long day of work and sitting on your favorite spot and watching your favorite show on TV. One of the main things that the buyers of this product have mentioned time and time again is that they can do exactly that and also add a tension breaking massage with the Body Drummer. Its ergonomic design allows the user to have a more precise grip as well as a good reach on the areas of the body that are hard to auto massage due to proximity. It is cordless therefore it can be used in any space of the house or the office as there is no restriction of movement because there is no need to be connected to the electric outlet.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Body Drummer Hot/Cold Vibrating Massager

The one and only dislike that this product has had is that the batteries tend run out fast and there is a need for recharging more often if it is used regularly.


The Body Drummer Hot/Cold Vibrating Massager is recommended to all people or patients that are in need of an immediate muscle relief. This product has been reported to be great help even on intense or acute pain.