Buy Cannulas Supplies and Tubing Supplies

cannulas-suppliesFor people who need protective accessories for their oxygen delivery systems, cannulas supplies can be the answer to prevent chafing and facilitate the comfortable use of respiration tubing. The cannulas themselves consist of a pair of soft, close-cell foam tubes, each of which fits over the respiratory tubing that hooks behind the ears of a patient wearing an oxygen mask. The main reason for wearing them is to prevent uncomfortable chafing of the plastic tubing behind the ears. These compact pads are able to minimize bulk behind the ear, and the comfort they deliver is disproportionately great compared to their small size.

Cannulas Product Features




This product is a simple and straightforward design with a few key features:

•    The small padding unit fits comfortably behind the ears and prevents oxygen tubes from chafing against the tender skin there.
•    The neutral color is usable by patients of every age and both genders.
•    This padded accessory ensures that respiratory patients are able to continue using their oxygen tubes, eliminating complaints that the tubes are rubbing.

What Buyers Like About the Cannulas Supplies

Some of the main reasons patients liking this product include:

•    The E-Z Wrap Cannula Ear Protector is a comfortable accessory that can be used by everybody.
•    It is soft and prevents ear chafing even during extended use of oxygen tubes.
•    The pads fit over all kinds of oxygen tubing. They come in package of 50 individual;;; clean tube wraps.
•    It is inexpensive and can be very useful. For such a low price, this is an accessory that every oxygen tube user should have on hand.
•    Clinics and hospitals often opt to keep a supply of these cannula padding accessories on hand for patients who find their oxygen tubing rubbing uncomfortably behind the ears. Because these cannulas supplies come in sets of fifty, it is easy to keep a clinic stocked.
•    Patients who use oxygen supplies at home can order this supply and keep individual pads available around the house, in purses or coat pockets, or wherever they might be able to have them easily at hand when they are needed.

What Buyers Like Don’t About the Cannulas Supplies

This is a small and handy accessory, with very little to dislike about it. Some of the users indicate that the padding is not a needed addition, but even these skeptics eventually find that the unpadded tubes cause irritation behind the ears at some point. When that happens, the wearer finds instantaneous relief by adding these protective pieces with their oxygen mask tubing.

Some users complain that the white color shows dirt too easily, but this can actually be used as a good indication when the pads need to be changed. The pads come in large quantities, so it’s easy to switch out a used pad for a fresh clean one.


The tubing supplies is recommended daily use to prevent ear chafing for any person who uses oxygen tubes. It is an inexpensive accessory that can add some comfort to your ear while using any type of oxygen masks.