Buy Clinical Units And Clinical Equipment

clinical-unitsWhether you are setting up or expanding your physical therapy clinic, you need the clinical units to provide electrotherapy to your patients. You will want to shop at a source that provides for all your clinical needs at the best price.

Clinical Units Product Features


Whatever your clinical equipment needs, you can find the products and the features you seek:

  • EMS units are available in portable or permanent designs, set up to treat either one or two patients at a time. Machines come with electrodes and electrical leads, AC adapters and batteries for the portable units, and the warranties and instruction manuals for users.
  • TENS units are offered in a variety of designs for in office use or mobile treatment. Machines come equipped with the electrical leads and accessories necessary for treatment.
  • Ultrasound equipment is available in several designs, including hand held wands for individual use on a patient.
  • Combination machines offer mixed therapy options, enabling you to treat a patient with multiple forms of electrical stimulation.

What Buyers Like About the Clinical Units

The clinicians who purchase their clinical equipment here are pleased with many features:

  • There is a seemingly endless selection of different clinical units, each of them at an exceptionally low price. Choose from among EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), TENS (transcutaneal electrical nerve stimulation), Russian stim, IF (interferential), ultrasound, and combination machines.
  •  You can design the perfect set up for your clinic and then find the machinery to match. Whether you are looking for single machines that can treat two patients at once, a machine that provides dual stimulation to different areas on a single patient, or dedicated machines for individuals, you can choose the designs that are best suited to your clinical set up.
  • Product features on these machines include many elements that are specifically designed for patient and therapist use. These include session timers with count down displays, pre set functions that you can customize to your own practice, patient lock out features that prevent a patient from altering the treatment, and record keeping for patient sessions.
  • If your practice involves on site calls or mobile treatment, such as in the field work with athletes, you can select portable machines with carrying cases and battery power, making it an easy matter to treat patients on the go.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Clinical Equipment

Truly, the only quandary you will find yourself faced with is the choice of what equipment to purchase for your clinic. With the wide selection and great choices, you will have to put your decision making powers to work just to make your choices. Most clinicians, however, feel that the sizeable selection is anything but a problem. You will be able to find exactly what you need.


Enjoy the single source shopping opportunity to fulfill all of your clinical equipment needs at a spectacularly low price. Make your funds go farther, and set up your clinic with all the electrotherapy possibilities you want to make available to your patients. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Clinical for you.