Clinical 4 Channel EMS Product Review

4-channel-emsWhen muscle stimulation is called for in patient care, many medical providers turn to the myriad offerings of the Clinical 4 Channel EMS known by the model number NMS-498, manufactured by Brute.

Product Features


The features of this Electrical Muscle Stimulation or EMS Clinical Units  machine include the following:

  • The machine has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in electronic stimulation of muscles for therapeutic uses.
  • The microchip in this computerized device makes it among the top end devices of its type on the market.
  • With a mere four buttons for operator use, the machine is remarkably simple to use, particularly given the complexities of the many options it offers.
  • The machine operates with four channels, digitally managed, in a professional combination of stimulator options.
  • Included are eight leads with electrodes, and color-coded thickly gauged cables for each of the four individual channels.
  • Each channel has its own individual intensity control.
  • The unit offers a large digital LCD display for ease of use.
  • A compliance monitor and treatment lock-out are included in the machine’s settings.
  • A digital lock key enables a professional to save the parameters of select treatments, locking out any additional input to ensure that the machine is only used within the pre-set parameters of approved practice.
  • This device comes with an unbeatable lifetime warranty.
  • Accessories for the device include a carrying case constructed of protective material (included), additional lead wires (five pin two core), and a carrying bag.

What Buyers Like About the Product

Professional therapists enjoy the following about their experiences with this machine:

  • No machine beats this one for professional therapy for sports injuries, muscular problems, sprains, recovery from surgery, and other situations requiring electrical muscle stimulation.
  • The four channels with individual color coded leads enable a therapist to simultaneously treat four areas of the patient’s body.
  • even distinct stimulation modes combine to offer the stimulation needed for rehabilitation therapy.
  • The small size and light weight of this machine make it well suited to mobile or home-based therapy.
  • Sports professionals often elect to own this unit themselves, enabling them to easily treat their own muscle injuries, which are inevitable in the sporting world.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Product

Some people disbelieve the claims that a machine with a mere four buttons can provide the complex combinations of treatment options that will be called for in the regular course of therapeutic practice. However, a short time will convince even an unbeliever of the full utility of this professional grade machine. Its simplicity of operation is deceptive, when it is actually able to deliver many combinations of therapeutic electrical stimulation for injured muscles.


Whether for use in a clinical setting, or for use by a sports professional at home, the Clinical 4 Channel EMS delivers professional grade electrical muscle stimulation suitable for therapeutic treatment of muscle injuries. With one of the most affordable prices on the market, this machine is a master stroke of medical machinery.

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