Buy Cold Therapy Supplies

cold-therapyThe use of cold therapy for muscle aches and injuries is a time tested approach to relieve pain and promote healing. When applied directly to the site, cold can prevent swelling and bruising, while working to numb the area and make the patient feel better. In a pinch, a bag of ice cubes can do the trick, but today there are many alternatives that are more comfortable and less messy, and available at an affordable price. Cold packs contain chemical compounds that freeze quickly when placed in the freezer, and the plastic, waterproof casing prevents any liquid from melting and soaking a person’s clothes or bed sheets.  

Cold Therapy Product Features




The cold therapy supplies that you should consider keeping on hand include the following:

  • Re-usable ice packs contain specially formulated gel that freezes quickly in your home freezer, making for a ready to apply cold compression option when an injury calls for cold therapy.
  • Packs can be found in many different shapes, including cut out shapes for the neck, large rectangular packs for parts with large surface area (like the back), longer and thinner shapes suitable for a wrap around approach on arms or ankles, or even a mask shape for people who suffer from migraine headaches.
  • Pediatric cold packs are available in fun and colorful shapes like the Boo Boo bear, in order to provide some fun and reassurance when young ones are hurt.
  • Spray on or rub in compounds like Sub Zero and Cryofreeze provide therapeutic effects of cold therapy without the actual cold temperatures. These products, massaged into the affected area, can penetrate the soft tissues and provide pain relief and easing of aches.

What Buyers Like About the Cold Therapy Supplies

Users of cold therapy supplies enjoy these features:

  • Cold packs are available in several sizes, and made from different materials. You can choose a flexible fabric exterior for greater comfort, or an appealing bear-shaped cold pack for use when comforting injured children. The kids’ versions of ice packs can make the difference in enticing a little one to use the cold pack long enough to be effective.
  • Some gel packs have the flexibility of being used for both heat and cold. They can be kept in the freezer or heated in a microwave, and re-used as needed.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Cold Therapy Supplies

The unavoidable (though minor) drawback to cold therapy is the slight level of discomfort inherent in applying cold objects against the skin. However, given the numbing relief that comes with the application of cold, the initial shock of the low temperature is only a minor difficulty.


Using temperature to alleviate pain is a time tested approach to help musculoskeletal issues. With these inexpensive cold therapy supplies, you can deal with existing problems or be prepared for future possibilities. Basic first aid supplies include both ice packs and heating options, so make sure your household is prepared with these inexpensive and effective options when the need arises.