Combo Stim TENS EMS Product Review

combo-stim-tens-emsThe Combo Stim TENS EMS combines electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) with trans-cutaneal electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), each isolated on one of the two channels.

Combo Stim TENS EMS Product Features



This unit includes the following features:

  • The controls of this machine are simple and straightforward, and are set within an indented panel of the machine’s front for protection from accidental manipulation that might change the settings. The controls themselves are comprised of twelve buttons, eight of them working simply as increase or decrease adjusters.
  • The timer automatically records the number of treatment sessions and total time of use, and can be set for continuous use, or for increments of ten, twenty, thirty, forty-five, sixty, or ninety minutes.
  • Each channel can be adjusted within a range from five milliamps to one hundred milliamps, measured from one peak to the next with a pulse of two hundred microseconds wide, and adjustable in increments of five milliamps.
  • The rise and fall times range from zero to five seconds in steps of one-quarter second each, and both the action time and the rest time can be set from one to sixty seconds.
  • The purchase of this unit includes a pair of electrode leads, three four-packs of self-adhesive electrodes, a protective carrying case, a clip for the belt, batteries, and a five year warranty.
  • The large LCD display screen makes it simple to see how the machine is set, including the treatment countdown for billing or scheduling purchases.
  • The frequency of pulse ranges from two Hertz to one hundred twenty Hertz. The width of pulse can be adjusted in a range from fifty to four hundred microseconds, in increments of fifty microseconds.
  • The wave form operates in symmetrical rectangular, either symmetrical or alternated.
  • The amplitude of pulse for either channel ranges from five milliamps to one hundred milliamps on a one Kilo Ohm load.
  • The power can be supplied by either a nine volt square DC battery or by two double A alkaline cells.
  • The Combo Stim TENS EMS unit can run in synchronous mode, alternation mode, or constant mode.

What Buyers Like About The Combo Stim TENS EMS

Buyers of this machine enjoy these features:

  • Users enjoy the ability to apply trans-cutaneal electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) for chronic and acute pain, or electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) for rehabilitation, massage, toning muscles, or relieving pain in muscles.
  • The blue casing of the Combo Stim TENS EMS unit makes it stand out among similar machines, making this portable machine easy to identify for quick use when it is needed.
  • The versatility afforded by this unit is enhanced by its small size, its ability to operate without wires or plug in, the belt holster for carrying, and the durability of its design.


The Combo Stim TENS EMS offers dual channel combination of electrical stimulation and TENS with a distinctive blue case and easily understood controls. It’s easy controls and preset programs make the unit simple to use and effective. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right EMS unit  for you.