Get comfy with our Pillow Supplies

pillow-suppliesPillow supplies are never bad to have around.  They are meant to provide better positioning and rest while you work, drive, sit and sleep.  At Discount Medical Supplies we have a wide variety of pillow supplies and cushions for higher comfort when doing any of the mentioned above.  We offer back supports, pillows, specialty pillows, wedges, bolsters, crescents and even wheelchair cushions.

The cushion supplies that we have for back support are wonderful to use anywhere. Whether you are in the office, at home or while driving you can quickly improve your posture and ease that tension in your lower back causing you pain while you are sitting. These back support pillow supplies will restore and help maintain a correct ergonomic seating position. Some of them come with a strap around the back so that it can be tied to the chair or car seat for more stability. One of the most popular pillow supplies that have available is the Lumbar Seat Back Cushion Massager. It is the best lumbar seat cushion available as it not only provides support but at the same time acts as a massager for the lower back.


Other sorts of cushions supplies include an array of pillows that are made to fit different parts of the body depending of the area that needs support and comfort. The pillows you can find in our catalog include: Leg Spacers, Half Roller Cushions to place under knees, ankles or neck,  Cervical Pillows, Crescent Pillows, Orthopedic Pillows, Foam Rolls, LumboSacral Cushions, Travel Neck Pillows, Body Pillows, Knee Elevators  and more. Discount Medical Supplies also has the pillow cases that some of these need.

Pillow supplies and cushions also come in shape of wedges and bolsters. Wedge pillows have the same design as that of a firm wedge. They can be used in a variety of applications and they are good to have around in the office or at home.  They can also be used to provide support in activities such as yoga and stretching.  Wedge pillows are commonly used against the headboard of the bed to give support while the person is reading or for pregnant women who have problems sleeping near the end of the pregnancy. Smaller size wedge pillows can be used at the office or in the car to give the user a better posture while they work or drive.

Take a look at our catalog of pillows and cushions today so you can see for yourself not only the variety of products but also the low prices we offer on each of them.