Buy Curtains Screen Supplies and Curtain Screen Products

curtains-screenOne of the most resourceful ways to create private spaces within a clinic is to use moveable privacy screens. You can choose from among a variety of curtains screen supplies to find the design and the look that best suit your situation.

Curtains Screen Product Features




As you shop for privacy curtains, here are some of the features you will discover:

  • Lightweight aluminum frames hold the shape of the privacy curtains without making them overly weighty or difficult to move.
  • Curtains are constructed in a three panel design, approximately seventy inches tall and twenty inches in width for each panel.
  • The fabric of the curtains is a vinyl material that has been certified as flame retardant.
  • The curtain frame is supported by legs configured in one of two designs. The wheeled screens have two sets of legs (one set positioned beneath each hinge in the tri fold frame), and a total of four heavy duty casters that allow the entire frame to be rolled easily from one place to another. The screens without wheels have three sets of legs (one set centered underneath each of the three panels) with rubberized tips to avoid scraping or damaging the flooring materials beneath.

What Buyers Like About the Curtains Screen Supplies

Buyers who use these privacy screens are very satisfied with these features:

  • The screens can easily and quickly be moved into any new configuration to accommodate changing circumstances, making them much more practical than permanent walls, not to mention far less pricey.
  • The screens can be purchased in colors including black, brown, gray, navy blue, red, yellow, pale blue, cream, white, and others. Rather than a cheerless and sterile looking office environment, you can create a cheery and comforting space for your patients to work on their health and recovery.
  • Screens and curtains can provide a clinical practitioner with many options for office set up and privacy. Fitted with wheels or movable legs, these free standing screens can be set up anywhere to divide open spaces and provide privacy.
  • The fabric of the screens can be easily cleaned, making it a simple matter to keep a clinical setting spotless and healthy. The vinyl fabric can be wiped down daily, and the panels can be removed for a thorough washing.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Curtains Screen Supplies

Some people initially wish for a larger selection of designs, such as a privacy screen with more than three panels. However, it is easy to combine multiple screens to create the desired effect, and it will quickly become apparent that the combination of multiple smaller screens will actually yield greater flexibility and a larger number of possible combinations within the interior spaces of the clinic.


These flexible and adaptable curtain screen products are a very cost effective and efficient way to create private areas within a clinical setting. They are far less expensive than installing actual walls, and their mobile nature makes it easy to make changes in the layout or set-up as circumstances dictate alterations.