Diabetic Nerve Pain Derivation

diabetic-nerve-painDiabetic nerve pain derives from diabetic neuropathy that causes damage at nerve level and happens due to the high blood sugar levels that spike when a person suffers from diabetes.  When the blood flow decreases and sugar levels rise dangerously, the nerve can be potentially damaged.  Studies show that about half of diabetes patients are prone to suffering of diabetic nerve pain.  To prevent and treat diabetic neuropathy diabetic supplies will come in handy however; a proper diet, exercise, and medication are the top three steps into avoiding it. Usually, the symptoms are not felt until 10-20 years from the date the patient is diagnosed with diabetes. 

About half of people with diabetes will develop nerve damage.  Most of the time symptoms do not begin until 10 to 20 years after diabetes has been diagnosed.  The nerves affected can be the cranial nerves, the ones on the spinal column and their branches, and important nerves that assist the body in managing vital organs such as the heart, bladder, and intestines.


Symptoms of diabetic nerve pain will show up slowly as the years go by on a diabetes patient. The symptoms will depend on the specific nerves affected. An early sign of nerve damage is the feeling of tingling or burning in the upper and lower extremities. At the same time, the patient may lose feeling on the arms and legs and not notice if they have a blister or cut or if they stepped on something sharp or if the touched something too hot or cold.

When damage to the heart nerves and blood vessel nerves occur the patient will feel light headed when standing up.  In addition, the beating heart rate will increase and there could be an inability to detect angina.  Other problems besides diabetic nerve pain resulting from diabetic neuropathy involve sexual problems, bladder problems, extreme unusual sweating, and others. 

At the smallest hint of any of the symptoms above diabetic patients must see a doctor to understand what is happening to them and how bad it could get if they do not take care of the situation immediately.