Discount Hydrocollator Accessories and Products

hydroculator-productHydroculators are the ultimate liquid heating devices preferred by athletic trainers, physical therapists, physicians and chiropractors. Hydroculator accessories are available in all sizes and versatile to smaller departments to larger clinics. They play a therapeutic role and constitute a hot pack used in treating sprains, muscle spasms, bruises and even conditions like hyper-hypnosis. The hot packs enable a prolonged moist heat and penetrate the heat into the injured region.

Hydroculator Product features


This product has the following features:

  • Specialized stainless steel heating units best suitable to dry and store slings, towels and terry covers.
  • It contains a wire rack for preventing the packs in contact with the ground of the tank.
  • The temperature is controlled thermostatically and the temperature is displayed in °F and °C.
  • It can be used for an extensive time period, as long as there is enough water filled into the tank.
  • Heat packs are available in all sizes and shapes, and are heated to about 65°C.
  • It has a swivel-type rubber caster with good friction free movement.
  • Simple maintenance of the equipment and is durable. Filling or draining water is easy. Plumbing is not required.
  • Insulated heating units prevent from loss of heat and increases energy efficiency.
  • The heating device is also equipped with a lotion warmer and keeps the massage lotion at proper temperatures.

What Buyers Like About the Hydroculator accessories

Hydroculator products can be used to provide instant relief and reduces pain or swelling as they increase the blood circulation. Buyers enjoy the following features:

  • This pack has provided a good analgesic effect and improves surface circulation.
  • Hydroculators are easy to handle and are portable. It is a natural approach and a best therapeutic aid.
  • Even a layman can follow the directions of use of the product. The buyer can simply wrap the gel pack with 2-3 towels or pack cover and place it on the sore muscles.
  • One can warm up their muscles at home itself.
  • Saves money and time and is a best alternative choice instead of taking appointment for clinics, massage therapists or physiotherapists.
  • Hydroculator accessories can be used for both men and women on injured cervical and lumbar areas.
  • Hydroculator products can be preferred for the clients who suffer from pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, edema and adhesions.
  • Users prefer moistened heat pads, as they provide a more sedative effect than dry heat.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Hydroculator Supplies

The pack lasts for only six months, and should be replaced in a timely manner. The accessories may be difficult to administer on hips and shoulders without the assistance of a second party. The equipment is a bit heavy and it may be difficult to transport, but it can easily be used in a designated location in the home. Moistened heat pads might sometimes have a tendency to contribute to skin rashes, but this can be prevented by keeping the skin dry.


Hydroculators provide an effective approach for people suffering from muscle sprains, strains, and spasms, all available in a single unit at an economical price.