Discount InTENSity Units and Intensity Products

intensity-unitsInTENSity Units are digital devices used in therapy programs to alleviate chronic or acute pain. This device, frequently used after surgeries and sports injuries, can treat multiple areas of the body, including legs, arms, back, and neck. Relief can be achieved in a variety of ways, such as using drugs or topical ointments, but those treatments all have adverse side effects, while this device provides the relief without the damage.

Intensity Product Features:


InTENSity equipment is among the easiest to use on today’s market. Its ease of use and its assortment of treatment options make it popular among members of every generation and both genders.

  • This device contains multiple choices depending of which area of your body you want to use it. All areas of usage are divided and you can easily choose between them.
  • It has both manual and automatic feature. That means that you can manually increase the effectiveness of the device.
  • It comes with a small portable bag that can be easily carried with you anywhere. You can use it at home, work or even on the beach.

What Buyers Like About the InTENSity Units

There are plenty of things to like about this product. Users appreciate the small size, the availability, and most of all, the therapeutic effectiveness.  Other favorite features include:

  • The user’s guide is written in straightforward language that is easy to understand, and the unit comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • This product does not treat just one or two areas of the body, but can be used to help healing in a dozen different places, including leg and ankles, arms and shoulders, neck, lower back, and shoulders. Its compact size enables the user to reach any painful area with ease.
  • Because of the lack of risk or side effects, this device can even be used for children (with appropriate adult supervision). Indeed, given the accident prone nature of many young people and their play, InTENSity Units may well come in handy for healing broken arms, sprained joints, or pulled muscles.  
  • Having this useful product within reach, patients can forget about calling for appointments at the doctor’s office or waiting in lines at public hospitals simply to receive a treatment that can be applied at home. Avoid the hassles of scheduling and transportation.
  • This product generates Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, which alleviates pain, relaxes musculoskeletal stress, and can be used on a daily basis.


What Buyers Don’t Like About the InTENSity Units

There is not much to dislike about InTENSity equipment, although some first time users express concern about the use of electricity on the body. However, when new patients follow the instructions, they will find that the device takes good care of them.


This device is highly recommended for healing injuries of nearly any area of the body. It can be done easily, without supervision by a medical practitioner. Feel the stress and pain ebb away and enjoy the relief offered by this affordable and efficient device.