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col-therapiesHot and Cold therapies both have popularity especially in the world of sports and exercise. For hot and cold therapy Discount Medical Supplies has an extensive array of products and accessories.  The popularity of this type of therapies is due to the fact that they are passive, non-invasive and non-addictive. Often hot and cold therapy supplies are used to relief pain and discomfort. Although it may seem that hot and cold therapy supplies can be used easily, they should always be used with caution. It is always recommended that before getting into this type of therapy to consult a healthcare professional.

Among the hot and cold therapy supplies that  we sell at Discount Medical Supplies you will find Heat Packs, Cold Packs, Water Bottle Systems, Pain Relief Masks, Cool Pain Relieving Gels, Hydrocollators, Parafin Therapy Accessories , Agua Relief Devices and its Accessories and much more.


Hot therapy acts by inducing vasodilation. This means that blood is drawn into the target tissues. By increasing the blood flow, there will be a higher intake of oxygen and nutrients. It also helps by removing cell wastes. The heat applied in these types of therapies makes the muscle spasms go down or disappear completely; it relaxes tense muscles and relieves pain. Range of motion also increases considerably. We offer the hot and moist compresses, the dry or moist heating pads, hydrotherapy and the gel packs needed for heat therapy.  It is important to wrap a towel around any type of hot pack to prevent burns to the skin.

Cold Therapy acts by producing vasoconstriction. This allows circulation of the blood flow to be slower resulting in a reduction of inflammation, muscle spasms and pain. With the hot and cold therapy supplies found at Discount Medical Supplies you will find all you need for your cold therapy. Superficial cold can be applied in many ways with a wide variety of commercial cold packs, ice cubes, ice compresses and some types of hydrotherapy. Cold therapy is usually shorter in duration in comparison to heat therapy. It is usually applied less than 15 min. It’s effects last longer than those of heat therapy. However just as heat therapy, cold therapy should also be wrapped around a towel or a barrier and never directly on the skin as skin and nerve damage can happen.

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