Electrodes play a huge role in Electrotherapy

electrodesMany doctors and patients purchase Tens Units on a daily basis at their favorite medical supply store online.  Tens Units and other electrotherapy devices have been around for a very long time. One of the most important features that these devices must have, or perhaps the most important one of all, is the electrodes.  Buying electrodes online is one of the most common practices done by owners of TENS units. However, what exactly is an electrode? Let us go back to basics...

Electrodes were created at first to be used in science laboratories and as time has passed and medical discoveries unfold, they have managed to be part of human's daily life.  Through the electrodes, scientists were able to use physics and acupuncture principles to discharge electrical pulses into the organism based on the theory of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.

Electrodes use modern technology mixed with a bit of ancient science to deliver the electrical waves that come from the TENS unit.  As the current enters the body, it blocks the pain signals transmitted by the brain responsible for making the person feel pain.  Acting as an external painkiller, the electrode is placed on the target area and when the machine is activated, they send the electric pulses into the different layers of skin and triggers almost immediate pain relief.


Besides blocking the pain signals from getting leaving the brain into the affected area, the electrodes distribute the current in a way that enhances the body's ability to generate pain-killing endorphins.  This is the body's own healing mechanism.

Electrodes can be placed in almost any part of the body.  They are used on muscle injuries, sprains, and cramps.  Electrodes can be applied on the upper and lower extremities, lower and upper back, neck and more. They play a huge role in this non-invasive pain relief therapy.

A pack of electrodes can last approximately 1 week when the unit is used 2-3 times a day.  Some users that will have the unit at home will not use it as much so they may last even longer under the proper care.  However, they can easily be found online at extremely affordable prices like those offered by Discount Medical Supplies. Online catalogues can also help view the big variety of electrodes available in the market in contrast than the few ones that you see at a brick and mortar store.  From different sizes to different color and functionalities, most medical supply stores online carry electrodes for every tens unit you see today.