Exercise Products and Exercise Supplies

exercise-productsIf you are looking for supplies for rehabilitative training or gentle muscle exercise, exercise products provide just the workout you need.

Exercise Product Features



Available exercise supplies include items like the following:

  • You can select six yard rolls of resistance Thera Band tubing with varying levels of strength and resistance. Yellow bands are thinnest and provide the least resistance, while red is the medium strength, green is the heavy strength, blue is extra heavy, black is special heavy, silver is super heavy, and gold is the maximum strength.
  • The fifty yard dispensers allow the user to cut the precise length that is needed for any user or workout.
  • For situations requiring individual use, there is a Thera Band dispenser option with thirty individual exercise bands of the designated strength. The individual use dispensation allows for easy inventory and prevents any risks associated with re-use of equipment in a clinical or team setting. The separately wrapped bands are pre cut to five foot lengths, each of them five and a half inches wide in the specified strength.

What Buyers Like About the Exercise Supplies

Users of these products, whether individuals or clinics, enjoy these features:

  • With such a wide array of strength options in resistance tubing, you can work your way up gradually to stronger resistance, or fit workouts for various body areas to the appropriate strength of bands. Many people start with the strongest tubing that provides a good workout, and move up from one level to the next, increasing their strength steadily.
  • For people who have dangerous latex allergies, there is an option of latex free resistance tubing available in dispenser boxes with twenty five yards each.  
  • The use of resistance bands enables anyone to perform a resistance workout without the need for complicated or expensive gym machines or weights. With nothing more than a few feet of clear space and the appropriate strength of band, a person can work out the muscles of any area of the body. When equipped with a suggested workout from a trainer or physical therapist, a person can enjoy a thorough workout with just the tubing.
  • The resistant bands fold up into almost nothing, and can easily be stowed in a purse or drawer or even a pocket, making workouts entirely portable. Keep your resistant band with you, and you can take advantage of any available time in your day.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Exercise Products

People who want multiple strengths to work with may be disappointed that there is not a single variety pack available. Each strength must be ordered individually, but the low price on the individual dispensers makes it feasible to stock up on the variety you are looking for.


This selection of resistance tubing exercise supplies provides all the necessary options for resistance therapy and rehabilitation, covering every issue from latex allergies to individual use dispensation when those features are needed, all at the best prices on the market for these products.