Two Explosions Turn Boston Marathon into Nightmare

Maraton nightmareAs runners wrapped up their participation in the popular Boston Marathon and the crowd cheered them into the finish line two huge explosions struck the premises turning this festive day into a nightmare.

According to the police, only one explosion took place however, witnesses concur with reporters and with the media center that two explosions detonated instead of one.

"There was an explosion.  Police, fire and EMS (emergency medical services) are on the scene, we have no indication of how many people are injured," a spokeswoman for the Boston Police Department said.

Mike Mitchell, a runner that came all the way from Vancouver Canada, had already finished the race and had turned around to gaze at the other runners as they crossed the finish line.  At that moment he saw what he said himself was a "massive explosion".  He said that immediately after the blast smoke rose about 50 ft up in the sky and spectators broke out in panic running and crying.

"Everybody freaked out," Mitchell said.

The finish line and its surroundings turned into a nightmare as ambulances, fire trucks and countless of police vehicles gathered to control the hysteria and fear and of course to tend the wounded.  At this moment, there are reports that the explosions killed two people and injured 22 others.

Most of the top and more experienced runners had already crossed the finish line but there were still slower amateur runners concluding their participation in the race. Near the finish line is where you get the most concentration of spectators although hundreds or thousands line up through the entire 26.2 miles from the start. Due to so many people being near end line, there are many cases of panic and nervous breakdowns being treated due to the two explosions.

At Discount Medical we would like to extend our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in this tragic incident.