Fits All Ankle Support Product Review

fits-all-ankleThe Fits All Ankle Support by Core is a one size fits all solution for anyone needing extra ankle support. It can be worn at any time, whether support is needed throughout the day or simply on specific occasions like a sporting event or workout.

Fits All Ankle Support Product Features



This therapy device includes the following features:

  • The soft fabric of the brace is comfortable, providing flexion in the right places and support in the right places. The brace fits any person’s ankle, and fits easily inside a shoe. It can be worn continuously while a person recovers from a sprain or strain or other injury, or it can be donned for workouts or when a person needs particular extra support.
  • The ankle brace fits in place with just a Velcro strap to be secured. It doesn’t take long to put on.
  • The soft fabric is comfortable and washable, and can easily be compacted to carry in a gym bag or shoulder bag if its use may be needed during the day.
  • The neoprene and fabric construction of this brace makes it easy to wash. It can be washed at any time with warm water and detergent, and it dries overnight to be ready to use again the next day. Not only does this prevent the buildup of odors, but it also prevents sweat and bacteria from eroding the fabric of the brace.

What Buyers Like About the Fits All Ankle Support

  • Users particularly enjoy these features when they use this ankle support:
  • The wrap can be applied in a matter of seconds, because it is simply a matter of putting it in place and strapping down the Velcro.
  • Because the ankle support doesn’t have multiple layers like a wrapped around elastic band, it fits easily into shoes and can be worn comfortably all day, or put on just during times when the ankle might be particularly stressed.
  •  Wearers of this ankle support particularly appreciate the ability to wash it. It is no secret that wearing something frequently on one’s foot is going to end with some sweat and odor if that item cannot easily be washed. A quick hand wash of this ankle support and hanging it to dry over night will keep it fresh and odor free.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Fits All Ankle Support

If a person needs more support than a soft ankle wrap can provide, they may not be ready to use this product, and that is likely to be disappointing for them. While they are still in need of the more substantial brace, however, they can look forward to the point in their rehabilitation when they can move to this more comfortable support alternative and leave the restrictive and uncomfortable braces behind.


The Fits All Ankle Support by Core provides an inexpensive solution for ankle support that can fit any wearer and be used any time. It is ideal for patients with injuries to soft tissue, strains, or sprains. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Ankle Support for you.