Galvanic PGS 123 Product Review

pgs-123The Galvanic PGS 123 is a high voltage Pulsed Galvanic Stimulator (PGS) used for treatment with ion-tophoresis.

PGS 123 Product Features




This unit includes the following features:

  • Unlike interferential (IF) and transcutaneal electric nerve stimulation (TENS), this unit applies direct current to aid in healing of swelling and bleeding that result from injury and trauma to tissues.
  • The device operates on one channel, applied with a pair of active electrical leads and one output on a dispersive electrical lead.
  • The polarity toggle switch allows the operator to alternate between positive polarity (a cold sensation) and negative polarity (a heating sensation), creating an electromagnetic field in the area targeted for treatment, and affecting the flow of blood to the treated tissues. The icy positive lead reduces blood circulation and lessens swelling, while the heating negative lead boosts circulation to assist with healing.
  • In addition to healing traumatized tissues at an injury site, this technique has shown itself to be effective in relieving issues like the reduced circulation in extremities of Diabetics, and the strain of Carpal Tunnel damage.
  • The PGS 123 unit operates on a wave form that is mono-phasic with dual peaks, administered in an extremely brief pulse measurable in microseconds. The therapeutic voltage output exceeds one hundred volts.
  • The machine comes with two lead wires (positive and negative) with self adhesive electrodes, a dozen of the electrodes, a heavy duty nine volt battery, a clip for the belt, a plug in adapter for use with a wall outlet, a protective carrying case, and the instruction booklet.
  • This machine is commonly used on areas of the body including arms and shoulders, neck, ankles and feet, knees and legs, lower and upper back, and joints like wrists, elbows, and hands.
  • This machine comes with a warranty from the manufacturer.

What Buyers Like About The PGS 123

Buyers of this machine enjoy these features:

  • The durable construction of the machine enables it to withstand rough use and field use, while its wireless power source and small size make it eminently portable.
  • With the carrying case and belt clip, this machine is easily used in the field as well as in clinical settings.
  • The alternating treatment of positive and negative direct current allows for control of blood circulation, boosting the flow when tissues need oxygenation and nutrients for healing, and reducing the flow to take down swelling.
  • Clinicians familiar with TENS and IF and ultrasound machines welcome this addition to their tool belt for treating injuries and strain.

What Buyers Don’t Like About The PGS 123

A therapist who wishes for a variety of output types may initially have concerns about the single modality of this machine, but its effectiveness in healing traumatized tissues makes it well worth its low price.


The Galvanic PGS 123 provides unique direct current stimulation that acts simultaneously to reduce swelling and improve tissue healing. Portable and durable, the machine is ideal for use in a variety of circumstances. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Galvanic unit  for you.