Buy Gauze Supplies and Gauze Products

gauze-suppliesGauze supplies constitute one of the primary components of any good first aid kit, and gauze pads and dressings are used in almost every hospital and clinical setting. Whether you are shopping to supply a clinic or health care facility, or simply stocking your home medicine cabinet, gauze products are indispensible items for your shopping list.

Gauze Product Features


Gauze dressings and pads are available in a variety of different configurations of packaging:

  • Invacare Supply Group manufactures antimicrobial sponges in eight ply squares that measure two inches on each side. These Curity AMD square gauze sponges are permeated with polyhexamethylene biguanide (also known as PHMB), which prevents bacterial growth underneath the dressing, as well as within the gauze fabric of the dressing itself. The antimicrobial PHMB protects patients against fungi, yeast, gram positive and gram negative bacteria, and viruses like VRE and MSRA. Packaged in sterile single-use packets, these sponges are ideal for small wounds.
  • For larger wounds, Invacare also manufactures twelve ply gauze sponges that measures four inches in each side. Like the smaller sponges, these gauze dressings are permeated with PHMB to prevent cross contamination or infection.
  • For wounds situated on extremities or digits, an ideal gauze dressing is the adhesive and stretchy roll of gauze, which can be wrapped as a compression bandage. The bandage material is made from a polyester fabric that is nonwoven, stretchable, and soft, providing a comfortable fit over the wounded area. The light amount of compression provided by this bandage will not cause congestion or constriction.

What Buyers Like About the Gauze Supplies

Buyers of these gauze products, ranging from medical professionals to moms, are pleased by the following features:

  • The gauze sponges are particularly recommended because of the antimicrobial protection they provide. With the dressing itself permeated with PHMB, additional antibiotic creams are unnecessary.
  • These gauze products are entirely latex free, and therefore safe to use even for patients with dangerous latex allergies.
  • The elasticity of the gauze roll enables the patient to retain maximum use of the affected limb or digit, preventing infection and providing light compression.
  • The gauze adhesive is made from a polyacrylate compound that resists water and holds even if the bandage becomes damp. The split liner on the back of the roll makes it easy to apply the bandaging in such a way that the adhesive will hold the dressing in place indefinitely.
  • The roll gauze is radio transparent, so a patient will not have to remove bandages before undergoing an X-ray examination.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Gauze Supplies

The gauze sponge squares do not include an incorporated adhesive, so it will be important to include first aid tape among the first aid supplies in order to affix the dressing to a wound.


Make sure your clinic or home first aid kit is fully stocked by purchasing high quality and low cost gauze supplies in rolls of stretchy adhesive compression gauze, or in single use packets of square sponges of gauze permeated with antimicrobial protection.