Infrared Light Wand Product Review

infrared-lightThe Infrared Light Wand provides hand held therapy with deep percussive heating pain relief, easily applied with a wand.

Infrared Light Wand Product Features


This unit includes the following features:

  • This Infrared Light Wand unit has a built in power cord with a lengthy reach, so it can be used within reach of any wall outlet.
  • The simple settings are adjusted with a single switch on the grip of the wand, where the user can turn the machine on low or high settings, or return it to the off position when therapy is completed. With such easy controls, there is no confusion and no need for special training for the operator.
  • The red plastic head of the infrared wand glides smoothly across the skin while the machine itself delivers infrared stimulation to the cells and tissues of the affected area.
  • Because the machine works with infrared heat rather than physical vibration, it is much more gentle on a sore or injured area than a vibrating massager.
  • The infrared effect reaches as far as two inches deep in soft tissue, providing what is truly known as deep tissue massage. Pain relief and stimulation of healing need to be effected below the surface of the skin, and this is a mission that can be accomplished with infrared technology.
  • In addition to the accelerated healing and chemical processes of the body tissues, the heat itself helps muscles to relax, easing tension based pain around an injury site.

What Buyers Like About The Infrared Light Wand

Buyers of this machine enjoy these features:

  • Infrared technology actually works at the level of cells and tissues, increasing the rate of metabolism in affected cells to raise the cellular temperature. Infrared heat acts to boost the permeability of each cell’s outer covering, or membrane, letting cells take up oxygen and nutrients with greater ease. The chemical reactivity within the cells (the chemistry that actually comprises a cell’s metabolism) also increases, raising temperature and enabling cells to accomplish the processes of healing and repair.
  • As a massage machine, infrared works more thoroughly than vibration because it actually stimulates the body’s cells to go to work with healing processes.
  • The design of this unit, a plastic grip or handle with an infrared head for massaging, doesn’t require any training or technical knowledge in order to operate. A patient can self administer, or any friend or family member can help with a therapeutic massage.
  • Pain relief is easily achieved without resorting to pain pills or expensive clinical treatments.

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What Buyers Don’t Like About The Infrared Light Wand

This unit isn’t often used in clinics, although it certainly can be added as a component of rehabilitative therapy. Professionals may select a combo machine that delivers multiple modalities of stimulation, but for those needing infrared, this device delivers perfectly.


The Infrared Light Wand enables any person, medical professional or layman, to give a deep tissue massage that stimulates healing and relieves pain, all for a very low price. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right TENS unit  for you.