InTENSity IF Combo Product Review

intensity-if-comboThe InTENSity IF Combo therapy machine combines trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) with interferential (IF) stimulation in order to treat even the worst patient pain.

Product Features


This unit comes standard with a number of keen features:

  • The unit operates with four modes each for both interferential and TENS stimulation.
  • The machine’s strength is rated at one hundred and five milliamps.
  • The unit operates on AC power and comes with a plug-in power adapter.
  • The machine is fixed with a mono-phasic square wave form for inTensit units stimulation, and biphasic square wave form for IF stimulation.
  • The pulse rate is fixed at one to one hundred and fifty Hertz for TENS stimulation and four kilohertz for IF stimulation.
  • The pulse width is set to range from fifty to three hundred us for TENS stimulation, and one hundred and twenty five us for IF stimulation, with the duration of the phase fixed at two hundred and fifty us.
  • The voltage output for both TENS and IF stimulation is delivered in constant current, ranging from zero to one hundred and five milliamp for TENs, and zero to one hundred and five milli-amps for IF.
  • Timers are available, ranging from one to sixty constant for both the TENS and IF stimulation.
  • The frequency of IF is set to range from one to one hundred and fifty beats.

What Buyers Like About the Product

Buyers enjoy the flexibility of treatment options provided by this small and inexpensive machine:

  • When a simple TENS unit just won’t cut it for care of a patient, the combination of interferential and TENS stimulation can often do the trick. Combining nerve stimulation with muscle stimulation provides the fullest relief for treatment of injuries and surgical recovery.
  • With a simple AC adapter, this unit can easily be used at any location with a power outlet. And because of its small size, it can quickly be transported for use at any site, such as sports locker rooms or patient homes, in addition to the clinical setting.
  • This machine functions well in treating all manner of body parts, including wrists and elbows, arms and shoulders, neck, ankles and feet, knees and legs, lower and upper back, and hands.
  • The simplicity of the controls makes this unit easy to use. A quick toggle switch allows for adjustment, with buttons on each side for the IF and TENS channels.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Product

The small size, portability, and high power of this model might be considered a trade-off for a wide variety of options, which it really doesn’t have. However, it functions beautifully within the parameters for which it was designed, and its hand-held size makes it a snap to use on-site in any situation.


For any therapist or medical practitioner who needs a small, portable, and powerful combination of TENS and IF therapy, the InTENSity IF Combo therapy machine will easily meet that need.

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