InTENSity Select Combo Product Review

intensity-select-comboThe InTENSity Select Combo offers a combination therapy package using microcurrent, interferential (IF), electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), and transcutaneal electrical stimulation (TENS) for pain management and physical therapy.       

InTENSity Select Combo Product Features



This combination machine provides a number of features:

  • With four unique wave forms, a practitioner has the options necessary to properly treat a wide array of musculoskeletal problems. With innovation of combined modes, there are practically limitless treatment options.
  • The InTENSity Select Combo Unit has strength of one hundred and five milliamps, and runs on AC power with the included plug-in adapter.
  • The machine uses square monophasic wave form with TENS, square mono-phasic and biphasic wave pulse with EMS, square biphasic wave form with IF, and square mono-phasic wave form with microcurrent.
  • The rate of pulse ranges from one to one hundred and fifty when using TENS or EMS stimulation, four kilohertz when using inferential stimulation, and one to one hundred and fifty when using microcurrent.
  • The width of pulse ranges from fifty to three hundred microseconds when using TENS or EMS stimulation, from two to two hundred milliseconds when using microcurrent, and is fixed at one hundred and twenty-five microseconds when using IF with a phase duration of two hundred and fifty microseconds.
  • The voltage output runs with constant electrical current when using TENS, EMS, IF, and microcurrent.
  • The current itself ranges from zero to one hundred milliamp when using TENS or EMS stimulation, from zero to eighty milliamps when using IF stimulation, and from zero to seven hundred micro-amps when using microcurrent stimulation.
  • The TENS application includes four modes, while the EMS application includes three modes, the IF application includes four modes, and the microcurrent application includes three modes.

What Buyers Like About the InTENSity Select Combo

Buyers find this model simple to use, and enjoy these facts:

  • The LCD display is simple to read, and when used with the simple set of buttons, the machine is not confusing, despite its variety of treatment options.
  • This unit is so small and light, it works well as a portable treatment machine. Sports therapists use it with athletes, and clinicians use it when they move among different patient rooms in a clinic.
  • With included AC adapter cord, this unit can be used at any location with electricity.
  • This machine is also ideal for at-home use by athletes, as well as patients dealing with arthritis or other joint and muscle issues, or people recovering from surgery.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the InTENSity Select Combo

The greatest fear for first-time users is whether the machine will be simple enough to operate. It doesn’t take long, though, for the first timer to realize the settings are simply presented, the controls easy to read, and the machine extremely easy to use.


For the therapist or doctor on the go, this small and portable machine provides every option they could want at their fingertips. The InTENSity Select Combo is the ultimate in small therapy systems delivering multiple options. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supply and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right electrical physiotherapy  for you.