How to use an Intensity Twin Stim III?

One of the most popular combo units in the market is the Intensity Twin Stim III.  This 2-1 device allows the user to get TENS and EMS technology from one single device.   Learning how to use an Intensity Twin Stim III is very easy as the user manual will take you step by step on the task. 


Find the battery slot of your Intensity Twin Stim on the back of the device and put in the 9V alkaline battery.  Make sure the cover is safely closed to avoid the battery falling of losing its proper place when the device is in use.  When replacing the battery, always do it with a same type battery.

Step 2:

Plug the lead wire connector to the electrode connector.  Before doing this make sure the lead wires of your Intensity Twins Stim III are in good shape and have no bare segments.

Step 3:

Before connecting the lead wires to the device check and make sure that it is completely turned OFF.  Once you have done this, find the sockets on top of the Intensity Twin Stim and plug in the electrode wires.  Choose which pair of electrodes you want on Channel 1 and the other on Channel 2 and plug them in accordingly.

Step 4:

 Apply the electrodes in the proper place indicated by your practitioner or your physical therapist.  Before placing them your skin must be clean

and dry.  The tens electrodes will have to be placed firmly over the skin allowing perfect contact between the two.  Getting a successful therapy will depend on this step being carried out correctly.

Step 5:

Turn on the device by pressing and releasing the start button located on the center of the control panel.  You will see the operation page pop up on the screen.  Then pressing the "M" button choose the type of therapy that you are looking to receive.  Remember that the Intensity Twin Stim III is able to deliver TENS and EMS electrotherapy sessions.  Each option has different simple steps to optimize the settings:


1) Set the Therapeutic Program

2) Set Cycle Time (Optional)

3) Set Timer

4) Set Pulse Width

5) Set Pulse Rate



1) Set the Therapeutic Program

2) Set Timer

3) Set Pulse Width

4) Set Pulse Rate

5) Set Delay Time (Optional)

6) Set Ramp Time

7) Set Contract Time

8) Set Relaxation (OFF) time



Step 6:

Once the timer has stopped, the therapy will be over however you can control or stop it by pressing the "M" button.


Step 7:

Make sure the device is completely turned off once the therapy is over.  Remove the electrodes from your skin and place them back in their package.  The way you handle the tens electrodes will determine how soon you will have to get new ones.  Also, make sure you put your device back in its carrying case to avoid any bumps or scratches.  

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