JStim 1000 Joint System Hand Product Review

jstim-1000The JStim 1000 Joint System Hand is a uniquely designed device that delivers both electric stimulation and infrared tissue heating to a patient’s wrist through a comfortable fitted cuff and glove.

The system is designed to be used overnight while the patient is sleeping, and the cumulative effect of the therapy helps the patient improve continuously over the course of several months of treatment. Use of this system is indicated for both osteo arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

JStim 1000 Joint System Hand Product Features



This therapy unit includes the following features:

  • The unique design of this device moves away from electrode application and fits a comfortable cloth glove over the hand with the affected wrist joint. At the same time, a soft fabric cuff fastens to the arm with Velcro, and provides the power and the stimulation to the glove. The system also uses compression on the joint to relief pain.
  • The JStim 1000 Joint System runs on batteries, meaning that the patient will not be tangled in cords or connected to a wall outlet while they sleep. A single cord runs between the arm cuff and the glove, and does not pose a danger of being tangled in bed sheets.
  • Infrared heat treats the deep tissues of the wrist, increasing the circulation of blood and providing pain relief.
  • The glove is fashioned from a conductive silver fiber fabric that controls stimulation at therapeutic levels, and simultaneously heats the tissues with infrared to provide relief from pain.
  • The manufacturer provides a full mechanical warranty for three years, and sixty day warranty on non-mechanical elements.

What Buyers Like About the JStim 1000 Joint System Hand

Users particularly enjoy these features when they operate the unit:

  • The Jstim glove can be worn while a patient sleeps. Because the prescribed treatment relies on cumulative therapy, including at least seven hours of use every day, utilizing sleep hours is the ideal approach. The glove is comfortable enough to wear while sleeping, and will not interfere with any normal activities if used at bedtime.
  • Patients can also don the glove at additional times if they need immediate pain relief. The machine operates in two modes: day time (DT) mode for immediate pain relief, and night time (NT) mode for long term therapeutic results. The device stays on the default setting of NT mode, and has to be overridden for use in the pain relief DT mode.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the JStim 1000 Joint System Hand

This therapeutic glove system is more costly than other therapeutic devices, but can not be compared to those other devices in terms of effectiveness of the therapy it provides. Cumulative treatment time, combined with immediate pain relief while the wearer uses the device, make this treatment well worth the price tag.


The JStim 1000 Joint System Hand fits a comfortable cloth glove over an aching wrist joint to deliver electrical stimulation and infrared from a power source that fits over the arm as a comfortable fabric cuff. This unique design provides professional grade therapy to the targeted area of a wrist joint.  Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies  and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right TENS unit  for you.