Medical Cannabis fights Menopause, Doctors

The negative attitude that the Federal Government has against the different researches done on medical cannabis, has limited knowledge in the field to go further.  For this reason, it is hard to have validation from doctors that cannabis will have positive effects on menopausal women.  Nevertheless, in states where marijuana is legal, there are medical professionals already recommending their patients to use it. Those brave enough to try it regardless of what society has made of it have been able to experience and give testimony that indeed medical cannabis is a great solution when menopause takes the best of you. 
Doctors have been seeing great results on women who are in their late 40's and even 50's that are using cannabis to treat the negative symptoms of menopause.  They have been more tolerant to general symptoms but mainly they have been able to stabilize their mood swings and sleeping better.  Having a good night sleep is important to our health.  In humans, some of our hormones that we need for proper living are triggered by sleeping cycles.  Sleep also regenerates tissues and supports our general stability.  If we do not sleep well, we get anxious, cranky; have less sex drive among others.  So for that menopause insomnia, cannabis has been recommended. 


Depression and Mood Swings
Medical marijuana can reduce anxiety and mood swings that are common symptoms during menopause. One patient, a Prozac user, shares the following testimony:
"my therapist said, 'I could lose my license, but I think what would help you more than anything is just smoking a joint.' I didn't know how to respond! I said I couldn't do that -- I don't drink, I've never even smoked a cigarette!"
After doing the proper research on medical marijuana, and learning that until the early 20th century you could even get it at pharmacies, this patient decided to try it.  Once she actually learned to inhale, she said she had "finally had some peace."
Doctors who recommend medical cannabis though make sure the potential user understands that like other medication this solution is one that needs to be handled with care and conservation.  If you try it and it does not give you the desired ease then the use should be suspended immediately.  To many women, this method has actually improved their quality of life during the tough times of menopause. 
Pain Relief
For years, it has been known that medical cannabis has proven to be effective to treat pain.  By reducing muscle spasms caused by different neurological illnesses or by other factors.  In many of the most successful tests to determine this, medical cannabis was actually used as a first-line treatment and that it was effective. 
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