Medical Real Estate Brokerage

medical-real-estateSave money, time and efforts:  If your lease expires in the coming year, now is the perfect time to ask yourself:

  • Is this the right location for your practice?
  • Could you get a better deal with your rent?

Real estate is currently in a down cycle, now is a great time for our Medical Real Estate brokerage platform, to help you secure a better deal for a longer term.

Thanks to our expertise in Medical Real Estate brokerage, we know how patients` habits evolve, how they commute less and prefer the convenience and warmth of a retail setting as opposed to an institutional setting.

Flagler's comprehensive medical and real estate databases can help you and at no cost to you! Our `medical tenant representation` agreement form will allow us to:

  • Assess your current lease
  • Perform a medical location analysis
  • Negotiate the best location and rate

If you want more information of Medical Real Estate Brokerage don't hesitate to check  our Educational Video Library.

Thanks to our real estate databases that support our Medical Real Estate brokerage platform, we can assess the real market rate and how your current location compares to the competition. Also, we can abstract your current lease to help you keep track of your rights and duties as a tenant.

Our  Medical Real Estate brokerage platform relies on thousands of data, including medical, demographics, economics, and psychographics among others. The current market down cycle provides us the leverage necessary to negotiate the best possible rent and conditions for your leasing commitment. Whether you are a multi location large practice or a single-physician operation, our Medical Real Estate brokerage platform can help strengthen your operations thanks to an optimized real estate.

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