Mettler Sonicator Plus 930 Product Review

mettler-sonicator-plusThe Mettler Sonicator Plus 930 provides a combination stimulation device that is affordable and simple to use, ideal for a small clinic or medical practice in need of multiple uses. The sonicator itself can be used to stimulate muscles in order to strengthen them, reduce muscle spasms, and even manage pain.

Product Features


The Mettler Sonicator 930 is admired among medical practitioners for many features:

  • Safety features on this model include internal automatic error messages to alert operators to any malfunction. The sonicator will cease functioning if there is any problem, and offer the error code so the operator can troubleshoot before resuming operation.
  • he dual frequency option on this model allows the operator to perform ultrasound singly, or combined with an additional medium frequency.
  • Contact occurs directly between the crystal and the patient, with a universal cable that enables combination application of therapies. A clinician can easily select the precise combination of IFC for the individual patient whose pain or condition is being managed.
  • The model includes protocols patterned on clinically tested situations to afford the maximum effectiveness in its therapeutic use.
  • Combining ultrasound stimulation with additional electrical, the application cable enables multiple wavelengths of stimulation in paired frequencies, creating the most flexible therapy options available.
  • The machine is easy to use, with clearly marked operating buttons and a grip-friendly applicator.
  • The machine is manufactured by Clinical Health Services, and is offered with a full warranty.

What Buyers Like About the Mettler Sonicator Plus 930

Clinics and facilities using this sonicator enjoy its features:

  • Small operations generally can’t afford to purchase multiple machines for muscle stimulation therapy, so they must choose carefully when they select the single tool that they will have on hand. This model provides the perfect solution, with its combination of electrical and ultrasound stimulation in a single machine.
  • The ultra affordable price is superseded only by the ultra effective results of the machine. It is truly a magnificent combination of affordability and therapeutic effectiveness.
  • The machine is very user friendly, easily applied by a clinician with minimal instruction or training.
  • In the rare event of a malfunction or difficulty, the encoded error messages make it a simple matter to identify the problem and resolve the issue. The machine is invariably up and working in no time.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Mettler Sonicator Plus 930

Any piece of delicate and complicated machinery is prone to occasional problems with electrical malfunctions, but this model of sonicator is uniquely designed to minimize the problems associated with high tech equipment. With the easy to understand error codes pointing directly to the problem, the issue can be addressed and solved in mere moments.


The Mettler Sonicator Plus 930 offers an all in one solution for clinics or doctor offices that have limited resources. An operator can easily address a wide array of muscular conditions with this single machine, thanks to its flexible options and easy operation, not to mention its eminently affordable pricing.

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