Obamacare Has it All Wrong by Sentencing Healthy Americans

There comes a time when politicians cross the line between what is right for the people and what is right for their pockets.  With lies and charades, they try to excuse each and every one of their laws, taxes and policies to cover up the real truth of how they are profiting straight from the heart of the American people.

Obamacare has made it to the headlines once again with a new plan to affect citizens negatively and senselessly.  The new ballgame their playing will now be to punish all those healthy eaters (a group that happens to be growing rapidly) as they will now have to pay two or three times of what they are paying now.  People with chronic disease will however be paying less as it is now up the healthy culture to subsidize their lifestyle with their chronic symptoms.

Let's put this in simple terms: People who eat well, take nutrition seriously, exercise and do not eat junk food get ready to be economically sentenced to pay up for all of those nasty habits such as eating junk food, being sedentary, staying on medication and others that unhealthy people have. This is what others would call: Socialized medicine.

Socialized medicine finds it so easy to base their decisions on the wrong idea that disease will "randomly strike people". This false premise is what they use to try to convince people that the means justify the way this is being handled.  However, the real reasons and interests are ones that will benefit Big Pharma and doctors. The real reasons will put the the health care of Americans in the power corrupt corporations and medical staff.

However, if you consciously think of it, disease ALMOST never strikes randomly.  Many of us have heard the saying "You are what you eat".  This not only applies to eating habits.  Unhealthy people willingly turn into a time bomb when they eat junk food, when they do not exercise, when they smoke or when they practice any unhealthy habit.  This time bomb will explode in heart disease, vascular complications, and so many other situations that may surface. These people have a CHOICE.  There is always that choice to want to be healthy and to want to live disease free.  The Obama administration has claimed to be merciful and understanding in regards to having the choice of having an abortion however it will not consider the same for something as easy as choosing to have a healthy lifestyle. Twisted!  Don't you agree?

This backwards healthcare plan has been created to punish those who make good choices about staying healthy.  They have done this by creating an economic disincentive and leading people to think "Well what does it matter whether I eat well?  The government covers my health insurance costs now, so even if I get a disease, it's all paid for."

Again... twisted!  

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