Pain Relief Creams for Arthritis and How They Work

Arthritis pain can be a real pain not only to your bones and joint but also to your stomach.  Constantly drinking pills to relieve the pain can affect your digestive well-being. This is why many people end up taking another route: Pain Relief Creams. It is as simple as applying the product to your hand and rubbing it on the target area. Pain relief creams such as Biofreeze can be found at online medical supply stores and come in different types of presentations like spray, roll-on, lotion or gel.  

One of the first things you must keep in mind is that there are different types of pain relief creams out there and that you need to buy the correct one depending on your needs.  Take the time to read and make sure that if you are targeting arthritis, you get one that will heal arthritis pain and not muscle related injuries.



It is important that you know that arthritis pain relief creams different greatly in the way they target pain and in the way they deliver the relief. The largest organ of the body is the skin and it has the ability to absorb the active ingredients of the product and absorb them layer by layer until it gets to the area that needs pain relief. When you swallow a pill, your bloodstream is the responsible one to break down the medication and take it to the troubled area.


In the market, you will be able to find three basic types of pain relief creams that target arthritis.  They are divided into three categories:


1-Counterirritants: They give a sensation of warm or cold on the skin.  They are called counterirritants due to the ingredients they cause the skin to irritate.  Both of the sensations are purposely triggered to create a distraction from the arthritis discomfort and result in a temporary relief.


2- Topical analgesics: These are equal to rubbing aspirin on your skin, and will help reduce joint swelling and pain just like an oral analgesic would.


3- Capsaicin: The ingredients in these types of relief creams are made to give a burning sensation to the skin.  They work effectively and quickly.  These types of pain relief creams contain substance P and that is why they are so good. This substance works by blocking the pain receptors and confuse the brain to make it believe that everything is ok.


So now you know exactly what is going on in your body when you apply one of these products.  Online medical supply stores such as Discount Medical have a great variety of pain relieve gels and lotions at great prices.