Popularity of Rehab and Pain Management Products

Rehab products have become more and more popular as the years go by.  More people are believing in the benefits of physical therapy and turning to it for rehabilitation and pain management purposes.  Plenty of rehab products are used in PT.  These help the professionals in the field apply therapies that will promote the mobility, life quality, and functional ability when a patient is suffering from an impairment or a disability.  Rehab equipment also involve devices that help manage and reduce pain such as TENS and EMS units used in electrotherapy.

Among the rehab products found in our catalog we offer all you need for hot and cold therapies. Both being passive, non-invasive and non-addictive these types of therapies have become very popular for rehabilitation purposes. The application of hot and cold therapy is used for pain relief and to ease discomfort. We offer all the accessories needed for the application of this therapy such as cold packs, hot compresses, pain relieve gels and much more. Consult your physical therapist before applying hot and cold therapy on your own as a misuse of any of the rehab products used in it may result in burn to the skin if used improperly.

Rehab equipment that Patients and doctors keep coming back to Discount Medical Supplies for is the electrotherapy options that we offer. With the lowest prices in the market, we offer TENS Units, Combo Units, Conductive Garments, Galvanic Devices, Infrared Units, Microcurrent Devices, Ultrasound Equipment, Intensity Units, Electrodes, Interferential Units, Muscle Stimulators, Skin Prep products and other accessories.

Rehabilitation exercises are a primary asset in a rehab process.  For such exercises there are a lot of different accessories needed and we offer most if not all of them. In our catalog you will be able to find plenty of exercise bands, tubings and accessories. We also have different size exercise balls depending on the user's  need. Other rehab products and exercise devices available are dumbbells, jump ropes, handles, pulleys, stability discs, balance boards, exercise videos and many more.