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pulse-oximetersSome of the most significant monitoring tools in the modern practice of anaesthesia are pulse oximeters supplies. A pulse oximeter can be used to measure oxygen saturation in a patient’s blood, as well as  changes in the level of blood flow beneath the skin. If any minor change in the level of oxygen is observed, it sounds an alarm.

Oxygen saturation of a healthy body should be within 95 percent, and a pulse oximeter can notice changes as slight as one percent. Oximeters are widely used in community medical centers, home healthcare, hospitals and more.  

Pulse Oximeters Product features



The functionality of oxygen monitors put Beer’s law (a basic law of physics stating that different volumes of oxygen will absorb different frequencies of light) to work by using light to measure a patient’s oxygen levels. The features of the pulse oximeter include these components:

  • Probe: A small probe is attached to a separate computerized unit. This probe is clipped to a body spot with good blood flow- normally the earlobe or the finger.
  • Light emitter: A light emitter is present inside the probe, releasing two different wavelengths of light (infrared and visible red light).
  • Photodetector: This component receives and measures these two different streams of light as they pass through the skin. Oxygenated hemoglobin permits red light to pass through the skin by absorbing a large quantity of infrared light. Conversely, deoxygenated hemoglobin permits infrared light to pass through the skin while absorbing large quantity of red light.
  • The oximeter can assess the level of oxygen by measuring the light absorption of these wavelengths of the hemoglobin present in the blood stream. If any small change in the level of oxygen is observed, it sets off an alarm.  


What buyers like about the Pulse Oximeters Supplies

  • The finger pulse oximeters are simple enough to be used even outside the clinics, making them ideal for home health care use.
  • This oximeter is a popular device because it is cost effective, simple, and easy to use and to understand.
  • This oximeter is a non invasive, highly mobile, versatile and affordable device that can be used everywhere.
  • The oximeter products are portable, small in size and can even be stowed in a pocket. Their small size does not adversely affect their accuracy.
  • The pulse oximeter can play a significant role in emergency medical situations, and provides critical monitoring for people who have cardiac problems or respiratory problems, or in diagnosis of sleep disorders such as hypopnea and apnea.


What buyers don’t like about the Pulse Oximeters Supplies

Pulse oximeters are able to measure oxygenation of the blood, but not ventilation, so they do not provide a complete assessment of respiratory adequacy. They do not give any indication of base deficit, blood pH, level of bicarbonate or carbon dioxide. However, they do provide critical and immediate information about  oxygen saturation level.


Pulse oximeter products demonstrate measurable benefits for patients in situations ranging from administration of anaesthesia in operating theaters to neonatal units and standard hospital rooms. It is designed for easy usage, and is available for an economical price.