Purchase CPAP Supplies and Have a Great Night!

Discount Medical Supplies has a variety of CPAP supplies available to the public.  However, people do not know what exactly these are used for or what CPAP even means.  The letters CPAP stand for Continuously Positive Airway Pressure.  It is a type of therapy through mild air pressure and it allows the airways to stay open.  People with sleep apnea truly benefit from the use of CPAP supplies.  People with sleep apnea have a hard time getting air into their lungs due to the pauses in breathing patters while they are asleep.

Our discounted CPAP supplies can also be used on preterm newborn babies that are born before their lungs have not been fully developed.  Infants with respiratory distress syndrome and bronchopulmonary dysplasia benefit from these products. 

Obstructive sleep apnea is one of the disorders that can be targeted using CPAP supplies.  These machines are actually considered the best treatment for sleep apnea.  The treatment is possible due to three factors that must be present at all times when applying it. First, you will need the mask.  It has to fit over your nose and your mouth. The straps will allow the mask to stay in place while it is being used. The next factor needed is the tube.  The tube is connected to the mask on one end and on the other end to the machine's motor.  Finally yet importantly, you will need a special motor responsible of blowing air into the tube.

What exactly happens during obstructive sleep apnea?  The airway functionality deteriorates and even fails during sleep. When the patient has to breathe, air barely squeezes into the airway and this results in loud snoring, something that may wake and upset other people in the house.  The pressure provided by the CPAP machine allows the airway to open up avoids it to collapse.

Some CPAP supplies also have other features like heated humidifiers.  They are engineered to make as little noise as possible to provide the patient with more peace when they are sleeping. They are lightweight and small.  Purchasing these products at an online store may be a great solution and an affordable one.  At Discount Medical Supplies, you are able to find a wide variety of CPAP supplies at the best prices.   Anything from the headgear, the tube, the cleaning sprays and even the machine, Discount Medical Supplies has it available!