Quattro II Clinical Electrotherapy Product Review

quattro-ii-clinicalWith control by a high end microprocessor and four channels of electrotherapy options, the Quattro II Clinical Electrotherapy device offers everything an office needs to provide high quality therapy in a clinical office setting.

Quattro II Clinical Electrotherapy Product Features


The features of this device include the following:

  • A quadruple channel output feature for stimulating patients electrically.
  • A full readout on digital LCD display, including a timer that can be fully programmed and precision performance of the dials.
  • Waveform options include Russian, four pole interferential, two pole interferential, EMS, and TENS.
  • Ten separate preset channels for each waveform, for a grand total of fifty preset programs altogether.
  • Additional options for users to create their own preset positions for the protocols specific to their practices.
  • Small size makes the model perfect for use on any table top, as well as mobile setups or therapy carts.
  • Eight electrode sets are included, each with the rubberized electrodes and their associated sponges, straps, and the necessary lead wires for electrode hook up.
  • The dimensions of the device are a petite ten and a half inches wide by fifteen inches deep and eight inches high. It weighs in modestly at just under seven pounds, making it easily portable.
  • The Quattro II is fully warranted for twelve months after purchase.
  • The device operator can select among a variety of options for modulating the amplitude.
  • The highly advanced device operating system enables a practitioner to provide a full range of therapeutic options in any setting.

What Buyers Like About the Quattro II Clinical Electrotherapy

Buyers love the flexibility and mobility of this model:

  • The preset options make program selection the matter of a mere touch of the button.
  • With additional options to personalize and create new preset options, the device can be easily transformed into a personalized therapy delivery system, specifically attuned to the practices of an individual or a clinic.
  • The LCD display enhances the ease of use, making it a simple matter to adjust the settings and manipulate the device for the desired outcome.
  • This Quattro II unit combines all the advantages of a simply operated machine with the equal advantages of complex and flexible options for electrotherapy treatment. For such a complicated output, the input process is remarkably simple.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Quattro II Clinical Electrotherapy

When first faced with the multitude of options presented by this machine, some users are very wary about their ability to easily operate the device. However, the preset options and the simple construction of the device will quickly turn any skeptic into a fan when they realize how quickly they can be fully operational.
 In actual fact, the Quattro II has fewer than a dozen buttons and dials, and is far simpler to operate than anyone could guess, given the wide variety of output options it offers.


The Quattro II Clinical Electrotherapy device provides a flexible and easy-to-use variety of therapeutic options for electrotherapy. Its small size and easy controls make it ideal for portable use. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Electrotherapy Unit for you.