Quattro IF Clinical Unit Product Review

quattro-if-clinicalThe Quattro IF Clinical Unit is remarkably effective and affordable for a clinical grade interferential unit. It boasts features that are more commonly found in the more pricey models, but can be purchased for a price within reach even of smaller clinics and sports teams.

Product Features


This low priced and high functioning Quattro IF unit includes features more commonly incorporated only in the prier models, including the following:

  • Four separate channels, isolated for use with interferential (or IF) modality.
  • The intensity of the pulse can be adjusted, ranging from zero to seventy milliamp peak to five hundred ohm load per individual channel at constant electrical current.
  • The carrier frequency is fixed at four thousand Hertz (CH1 and CH3).
  • The unit features an adjustable frequency, modulating from four thousand and four to four thousand, one hundred and sixty bps.
  • The machine operates in a multitude of modalities, including ten-ten ramped, ten-ten abrupt frequency shift, six-six ramped, six-six abrupt frequency shift, one-one abrupt frequency shift, four set bps, four to forty-five bps, eighty to one hundred and forty five bps, auto sweep, adjustable, four to one hundred and sixty bps, and constant mode.
  • The sweep time is fixed at fifteen seconds.
  • The frequency can shift within a range from thirty percent below the programmed frequency as far as sixty percent above that frequency, returning again to thirty percent below.
  • The frequency of interference pulse is adjustable, ranging from four to one hundred and sixty bps, adjusted at four bps per step.
  • The duration of pulse is set to a maximum of one hundred and twenty-five us.
  • The wave form is fixed as a sine wave, symmetrically balanced in form.
  • A compliance monitor displays the patient’s actual treatment sessions and times.
  • The lock prevents any patient from altering the therapist’s set parameters on treatment.
  • The machine operates on AC power adapter.
  • The unit comes with a full year’s warranty provided by the manufacturer.

What Buyers Like About the Quattro IF Clinical Unit

Users of this Clinical Unit enjoy some straightforward elements of its design:

The unit doesn’t include excessive fancy options, which makes its use simpler and more straightforward. After all, it does offer the options most frequently used in a clinical setting.
The patient lock and patient compliance monitoring ensure that each patient is getting the assigned treatment, and makes that treatment easy to record.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Quattro IF Clinical Unit

This model has fewer variables and programmable elements than some other machines, but those who use it regularly quickly come to recognize that extra options are no use when they don’t get used. In actual fact, most therapists use only a handful of settings, even on a fancier machine—and this machine provides the selections that are most often put to use.


The Quattro IF Clinical Unit is affordable and effective, providing a full range of interferential electrotherapy for use in a clinical therapy setting. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Clinical Unit for you.