Refresh your Knowledge on Electronic Muscle Stimulators

Electronic muscle stimulator machines are portable devices created to perform a muscle contraction through electricity to promote pain relief and exercise. Since they were created, they have been used for health benefits and they must always be used supervised by a practitioner.

The way an electronic muscle stimulator works is by inducing a contraction through electrical impulses. Through the electrodes, the machine delivers these impulses into the skin and then the contraction takes place.  The units can vary from one manufacturer to another. For example, the popular empi tens unit can use a Comfortease Electrode Dispenser, other units bring other spects and features, but overall they all carry out the same health tasks.  The most common type of electrical stimulators are the TENS units that are used to treat a great variety of medical conditions. Overall however, there are three main reasons why the EMS units were created.


There is definitely a therapeutic reason why the EMS device came to be. They have been used worldwide to treat conditions of the musculoskeletal system. To avoid the muscles getting into an atrophy state or to reeducate them after the person has had them immobilized for so long due to a complicated injury or surgery. All these conditions have a great response to electrical stimulation. The use of an electric muscle stimulator will increase blood circulation in the area enhancing regeneration of the tissues. This will result in an increase of motion and a reduction of pain.


When the muscles contracts they consume calories to generate the energy. These calories will come from fat and glucose. This fact alone will promote weight loss of the individual. This is where toning belts come from for example. They carry the same technology that an electronic muscle stimulator has. However nothing has been proven to be more effective to lose weight than a healthy diet and exercise, therefore this use of the EMS technology has still much more to prove.


In sports training, the electronic muscle stimulators have been a true breakthrough and they are widely used by physical therapists in the field. Treating sports injuries through the physical conditioning provided by the device has turned into a common practice. Athletes who have been incapacitated by injury have shown great improvement after being treated with an EMS.

Despite the fact of the success that these types of machines have proven to have in the world of sports they NEVER be considered a substitute for any exercise. They serve as a great complementary gadget that can be used as a supplement that will enhance the benefits of the natural active motion of the body.