Buy Respiratory Accessories Supplies

respiratory-accessoriesRespiratory accessories supplies have been developed to facilitate the release of medications from metered dose inhalers, inducing the drug to pass directly into the lungs without any wastage of medicines.

As the rate of drug delivery is expedited by respiratory accessories, the need for direct patient contact with the meter dose inhaler is reduced. Available respiratory accessories include the CompAir elite battery, fit test solution, and incentive spirometer.

Respiratory Accessories features


Available products include accessories that support respiratory devices such as nebulizers and meter dose devices. Respiratory accessories facilitate the delivery of medication from the respiratory device directly into the patient’s lungs. Features of these products include the following:

  • The CompAir elite battery can be charged at any wall outlet, and provides charge for at least thirty five minutes before needing to be recharged. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the CompAir elite nebulizer, enabling portable usage of the nebulizer itself. With the charged companion battery in place, the nebulizer can be used at any location because it does not need to stay plugged into an outlet during use.
  • The fit test solution is designed to monitor and check the seals between a respiratory device, such as an air purifying respirator, a vapor respirator, a gas respirator, or a particulate pre-filter.  
  • The Incentive spirometer is a respiratory device that measures improvement (or reduction) in a patient’s lung capacity by means of measuring the flow of air into the lungs. This accessory is used to ensure that the patient inhales the proper dosage of medication from the device.

What buyers like about the Respiratory Accessories

The positive results achieved by use of these accessories include the following:

  • These accessories are straightforward and simple to use, and do not require understanding of any complex instructions.
  •  Usage of these respiratory accessories will not alter the performance of the respiratory products with which they are used.  
  • These respiratory accessories are designed for universal use with patients of any size, in any state of fitness, and of either gender. They can be used in tandem with most respiratory devices on the market.
  • Respiratory accessories are designed for reliability and easy handling, enhancing the effectiveness of respiratory devices such as meter dose inhalers and nebulizers.
  • When the respiratory supplies are used with respiratory devices, the combined technology enables medical professionals to ensure delivery of medicines into the lungs without waste or loss of the product.
  • The efficiency of respiratory devices can be amplified by using suitable respiratory accessories.
  • Respiratory devices can be used in a variety of locations and circumstances with a charged battery to power them.

What buyers don’t like about the Respiratory Accessories

Respiratory accessories must be used properly in order to maximize their benefits. So long as the accessories are used correctly, users have no complaints..


These respiratory accessories provide benefits for patients, and make the jobs of medical professionals that much easier. They are available for reasonable prices, and designed for easy usage.