The role of Thera-Bands in Osteoarthritis Therapy

the-role-thera-bandsWorking out with Thera-Bands has become very common in rehabilitation therapy of muscles and joints.  Resistance training has proven to be very effective and has a direct effect on pain relief. An example of a pathology that has been successfully treated with Thera-Bands is Knee Osteoarthritis. Patients that suffer osteoarthritis to their knees experience weakness on their hip abductor. They also have alterations in the biomechanics at hip level resulting in an abnormal weigh down on the medial portion of the knee joint.  This increased loading will have a negative effect on the weakened muscle and end up in more pain suffered by the patient.  Thera-Band therapy workouts have demonstrated that when used, they can decrease the pain and discomfort and at the same time increase functionality of muscles and joints around the area.

The Thera-Bands can also be used for a general workout.  It is an inexpensive way to perform a full body workout, as Thera-Bands are a great alternative to expensive exercise machines and paying an expensive gym membership.  They can be used to tone and strengthen practically any muscle of the body.  They can be used by people that are bound to a wheelchair, elderly people, people with cervical dystonia and others.  


There are some tips and warnings any person should consider before using Thera-Bands. First, you must choose a band that allows you to get a challenging resistance but that at the same time will permit you to do 8 or 12 repetitions before reaching muscle fatigue.  A good posture is another important aspect in this type of workout. In addition, as you would do with any other exercise you must warm up before starting the workout with Thera-Bands. One main point to watch out for is to avoid bending wrists at all times, as it could lead to injury.

Other things to take into account include watching out for latex allergy as most resistance bands contain latex.  In addition, to watch out that the band you are using is free of nicks and tears to prevent snapping and hurting yourself. You must stop the exercise immediately if it causes you pain or discomfort and consult your doctor.

The chart below shows the different levels of Thera-band available for each different type of exercise or level.