Russell Westbrook's Injury and Rehab

westbrook-russelThe world of NBA not only involves great plays and breathtaking action.  Unfortunately, every so often news on unfortunate injuries suffered by important players come about.  This is exactly what happened to Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook.  In Game 2 against the Houston Rockets, he landed in an awkward position after hitting the side of his knee with Rockets' guard Patrick Beverly as he ducked in to make a steal.  Westbrook had to undergo surgery to repair the damage done by the tear to the lateral meniscus that he suffered.

In 37 minutes that he had action in the game, he scored a total of 29 points.  Westbrook has been considered the most irreplaceable player in Oklahoma's roster.  He has always been the mastermind behind the amazing plays that got the Thunder to the NBA playoffs.  He has been the engine that triggers great communication and speed in their offense.  Although Kevin Durant has shown huge improvement as a passer and has been creating top offensive plays out of great assists he delivers, he does not have the game level that Russell Westbrook has.  After surgery, Westbrook will have to start a rehabilitation process to have a speedy return to the basketball court.  It is still not clear how much it will take him to be back. 


Westbrook will have the best team of doctors and high tech medical supplies to make this process as manageable as possible.  Knee injuries can be difficult to deal with and rehabbing it has been said to be a tedious and sometimes slow process especially if the patient is a sports or exercise fan.  Strengthening the muscles around the knee is a top priority on these types of injuries, as those are the muscles that give support.

There are countless stability exercises that patients like Russell Westbrook can do to get better and stronger after a surgery of this sort. One of them involves using a balance board.  Since it was created, the balance board has been used for balance training, recreation, brain development, and especially therapy.  Using this product, Westbrook will be able to get his knees ready for the game, as he will work on his coordination and his reflexes.  At the same time, it will improve his muscle tone and enhance body alignment.  Another option that delivers the same benefits to the patients is the Wobble Board. 

Many other exercises that doctors will have Russell do come in The Great Balance & Stability Handbook. This handbook is available at different online stores like Discount Medical Supplies.  It brings up to 88 stability exercises that have been proven to heal and strengthen the affected ligaments and muscles.