SarcoStim EMS Product Review

sarcostim-emsThe SarcoStim EMS is an electrical muscle stimulator that was specifically designed to treat the disease known as sarcopenia, which causes degeneration of muscular strength and skeletal mass as people grow older.

SarcoStim EMS Product Features




This unit includes the following features:

  • A rechargeable lithium ion battery makes this unit both environmentally friendly and extremely portable. The machine can be used in any environment, with or without an available outlet.
  • Electrical stimulation cycles in alternating modes, switching between the modes best tuned to treat muscular pain and weakness. One of the modes is mono-phasic current with a fixed maximum and low rate of voltage. The second mode is biphasic asymmetrical in form better suited to briefer sessions of therapy lasting twenty or thirty minutes.
  • The SarcoStim EMS Unit itself works in conjunction with specially devised conductive wraps, constructed of silver fibers and connected by electrical leads to the stimulator. The patient can purchase individual wraps designed to fit the ankles, the knees, and the lower back.
  • Muscles function when electrical impulses sent from the brain starts the muscles’ contractions or relaxation. Providing external stimulation in the form of electricity actually provides gentle exercise for those muscles, slowly contracting them and relaxing them just enough to provide exercise at a therapeutic level.


What Buyers Like About The SarcoStim EMS

Buyers of this machine enjoy these features:

  • Because the loss of skeletal and muscular strength is increasingly problematic for people as they age, this machine has become popular among members of the older generations. Using this stimulator enables older folks to keep their muscles in working condition, particularly in the lower extremities where the decline is most rapid. Sarcopenia, after all, can strike even the most physically fit and active of individuals.
  • This SarcoStim is easy to keep clean and easy to use, with soft panel buttons covered with rubber coating. Simply plug in the leads of the therapy pads, fit the pads to the appropriate part, and run the machine on its preset programs.
  • Because electrical muscle stimulation is frequently used as part of rehabilitating injured muscles, this unit can serve multiple purposes. A person who has purchased it for assistance with Sarcopenia can also use it for unrelated injuries to any area of the body for which they have the proper wrap pads.
  • The slim design of this machine makes it easy to stow in a pocket or handbag, and its rubberized edges and soft casing cover keep it from harm.

What Buyers Don’t Like About The SarcoStim EMS

This machine is recommended for long term use, with the benefits accumulating over time. Results are best seen after three to five months, which is a lengthier stretch of time than some people wish to wait. However, the benefits of lasting relief cannot be achieved instantly.


The SarcoStim EMS is a device designed specifically for the relief of muscular degeneration with Sarcopenia. It can be used at home or by a therapist to provide lasting relief for a one-time cost. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right EMS unit  for you.