Steps to use a Tens 7000

One of the best tens units available in the market nowadays is the TENS 7000.  It's a very powerful device used for pain relieving electrotherapies. It features five modes of treatment for the patient to choose from and one cannot ignore the nice exterior design and color.  However, before purchasing it many people want to know and understand how to use a TENS 7000 unit.  Bellow you will read the easy steps you need to follow to get started with the best electrotherapy.

Step 1:

Find the battery chamber on the back of the tens 7000 and place the 9-volt battery.

Step 2:

Plug in the lead wires into the electrode pigtails.  You must make sure that the wire is in a good condition and it has no bare parts. Repeat this same step for the other electrodes used in the therapy.

Step 3:

One of the golden rules when learning how to use a TENS 7000 is to always make sure the device is turned off when you are setting it up for use.  Once you have done that plug in the L-shaped end of the lead wire on the channel 1 outlet located on the top of the tens 7000 unit.  Repeat this step on the channel 2 outlet if you are using another pair of electrodes.

Step 4:

Wash the skin of the area where the electrodes are going to be applied with soap and water.  Once you have done this, use a cotton ball to rub alcohol on the same area to remove extra soap residue or grease.  Cleaning the skin will provide more adhesiveness and therefore better conductivity to the electrodes.

Step 5:

This is an optional step however many practitioner recommend it to their patients when they are learning how to use the TENS 7000. Skin preparation lotions can be used before starting the electrotherapy session with this device. Some of these gels assist in allowing better conductivity from device and into the skin.

Step 6:

The next step would be to remove the protective film that comes under the electrode.  Carefully place the electrodes on one side of the area to be treated.  Some electrodes are not self-adhesive so if those are the one you own you can tape them to the skin using medical tape.  Place the other electrodes opposite to the side of the first application.

Step 7:

On this step you should be ready to turn on your TENS 7000 unit.  Once you have done that, start turning the amplitude knob for channel 1 clockwise until you hear two beeps. Adjust the mode button to the desired settings.  Set the pulse rate and the width by using the set button to choose the setting that you want.

Step 8:

Depending on how long you want your therapy to be, or how long your practitioner recommends, set the length by using the timer. If you also wish to increase the amplitude do it by turning amplitude knobs clockwise to the desired setting.

Step 9:

When the timer reaches the end of the therapy session, turn off your TENS 7000.  Remove the electrodes from your body and unplug the lead wires from the channels. You can then separate the electrodes from the lead wires and store them both properly. Safely put your device back into the carrying case to avoid any bumps or scratches. Then wash your skin to remove any gel residue.

As you can see, you are only a few simple steps to getting one of the best electrotherapies ever. Just go to and get your TENS 7000 at the most affordable price in the market!