Air Stirrup Ankle Brace Product Review

ari-stirrupThe Air Stirrup Ankle Brace combines comfort and protection in a firm stabilizing brace that has been designed to fit inside shoes for maximum support.

Air Stirrup Ankle Brace Product Features



This orthopedic support device includes the following features:

  • The design of this brace involves a pair of rigid plastic shells, positioned on either side of the ankle with a connecting stirrup section running under the heel. Cushioned air filled bladders, which can be adjusted by adding or removing air with the included air pump, pad the injured ankle between the plastic outer shells, while a pair of fabric Velcro straps hold the sides in place.
  • Inside the hard shell on each side is a medical grade air bladder that provides cushioning while allowing airflow around the ankle, and the fit and padding can be adjusted by adding air.

What Buyers Like About the Air Stirrup Ankle Brace

Buyers enjoy these features of the orthopedic support:

  • Short of an actual walking cast, this brace provides some of the most substantial support available among orthopedic devices. A person recovering from surgery or injury can rely on it to prevent inversion and prevent the foot and ankle from rolling and twisting.
  •  The adjustable air bladders along the two sides of the ankle helps to prevent edema and swelling around the injured ankle.
  • This Stirrup Ankle Brace can be worn over absorbent athletic socks or even dress stockings, and its padded sides keep it comfortable for the user.
  • This brace is easy to strap on in just a matter of seconds by fastening the easy Velcro straps. The wearer simply places the heel of the foot on top of the center connecting piece, lifts the two sides so they encase the ankle, and fastens the two straps so the brace holds the ankle in snug and supported comfort.
  • This brace can be worn all day, or simply put on during occasions that might cause undue stress on a recovering ankle.
  • The inflatable air bladder support system provides greater stability than a simple fabric brace or elasticized bandage, while proving less bulky and cumbersome than a full walking cast. It can be used during early injury recovery when a patient needs maximum support for the ankle, and can be replaced later by a less robust and slimmer model of support.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Air Stirrup Ankle Brace

The hard construction of this brace does make it inflexible, and may take a little getting used to on the part of the wearer. It is, of course that same inflexibility that makes it such a solid product for the stabilization of a recovering ankle or an injured one.

Although it may feel awkward initially, the solid support enables the affected ankle to continue its natural process of healing, even while the person continues to use the ankle in daily life and exercise.


The Air Stirrup Ankle Brace is a universally sized, unisex, and ambidextrous solid support brace for the ankle, very affordable and versatile in its uses. Please use our live chat at Discount Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right Orthopedic Support for you.