Sunscreen or Sun? That is the question...

sunscreen-or-sunOne of the most common and popular names in the skin care supplies family is sunscreen.  Most of us might have recollections of the past when our mom used to pull us out of an exciting pool game every 30 minutes to re-apply sunscreen and would let us back in until it had been absorbed by our skin.  We experienced times and still do of a day in the sun with and without sunscreen.  A day without sunscreen would give us very uncomfortable nights or skin burning and itching. In other words from the moment we are born we are taught that an important item that can never be absent within our personal care supplies is sunscreen.

Let us talk about the sun for a moment.  You have heard mixed opinions on how good or bad the effects of sun exposure can be on humans.  Some say it is bad and dangerous because it will increase the possibility of skin cancer.  Others say that exposing yourself to the sun at the right moments of the day and for the adequate periods is actually beneficial to the body.  Therefore, the question arises:  Do you use sunscreen or not?  This question may be harder to answer than you thought.  You see, according to studies made by the FDA sunscreen itself can be the perpetrator of many skin cancer cases.



It has been proven by the FDA that sunscreens that contain photo-reactive agents such as PABA, PSBA, salicylates, bergamot oil, anthranilates, sandalwood oil, benzophenones, cinnamates, mexenone, anthranilates, and oxybenzone that can be the cause of skin cancer.  Photosensitivity is an enhancement in the reactivity of the human skin to sun exposure.  Besides skin cancer, these same photo-reactive chemicals can also cause the immune system to weaken, damage to the blood vessels, allergic reactions, cataracts and premature skin aging when being exposed to the sun for long periods.  Other studies that contradict the use of sunscreen have said that a person that occasionally exposes to the sun may have a higher risk of skin cancer in contrast  with those who are exposed on a regular basis due the the fact that higher levels of vitamin D provided protect against cancer in general.

This complicated topic will always be one to ponder about.  Many will always believe that the best way to protect yourself from the sun is using sunscreen and will keep shopping at places like Discount Medical Supplies for the best quality sunscreens at the most affordable prices.  Others rather search for alternate chemical free holistic options.  Some however, will choose not to wear sunscreen and strongly believe that they will not suffer from skin cancer regardless of their exposure to the sun.  However, what if they develop skin cancer due to that exposure..?  This is truly a complicate topic; one that to from my point of view needs a lot more attention by the FDA. But while that happens, I personally will stick to sunscreen as I was one of the those kids moms would hunt down to apply sunscreen whenever I was out in the sun.