Take a walk on the clouds with our Foot Care Supplies

foot-care-suppliesFoot Care Supplies are needed when you are suffering from heel pain, plantar fasciitis and some other medical situations of your lower extremities. Plantar fasciitis for example is a painful process were the plantar fascia gets swollen. It happens when there is overuse of the bottom surface of the foot or extreme pressure on the arch tendon of the foot. Although it is a common condition it can get very complicated for the patient if it is not tended in time and properly.  Problems like this one and others need foot care products that will make it easier and less painful for the patient to deal with.

Discount Medical Supplies has a variety of foot care supplies for patients with these types of pathologies. Our products include Heel Wedges, Heel Cups, Heel Lifts, Plantar Fasciitis Brace, Body Sport Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints and many more.

Among our variety of foot care supplies we have Heel Wedges that stabilize weak and easily rotating ankles. They are durable and very comfortable for the patient to use and they are perfect for pronation and supination applications. The Heel Wedges can either be for a patient who’s foot turns outward or one who’s foot turns inward depending on what type of support is needed. 


The heel cups available in our foot care supplies catalog have the functionality of absorbing the impact shock sent to the heel when walking therefore it accelerates heel pain. It is used to release the pressure on sore heels, spurs and bruises. They are made of soft rubber meant to spring back into its shape with every step.

Heel lifts can also be found at Discount Medical Supplies. These are wonderful for length inequalities, heel spurs and other clinical conditions. They will allow the patient a normal systemic function, muscle tone and it will also restore normal contour.  They are ideal to wear with sports shoes and dress shoes. They are not sold in pairs.

Another popular item of our foot care supplies stock is the Plantar Fasciitis Brace. This brace gives support to relieve the pain on the foot and the heel caused by plantar fasciitis. The Night Splint will assist in relieving morning foot pain by keeping the foot in a neutral position to stretch the plantar fascia. The Day Arch Brace helps the pressure be distributed evenly by lifting the plantar fascia. This relieves pain and inflammation while standing or walking.

Ask your doctor what is the best foot care product for your pathology and Discount Medical Supplies will have it for you at the lowest price in the industry.