How to use a Tens 3000?

One of the best selling TENS units in the market is the TENS 3000. This device delivers a non-invasive drug free electrotherapy to provide pain relief on chronic conditions.  Patients and practitioners love this unit because it has a simple operating system like that of an analog TENS unit but delivers the therapy accurately as a digital one would.  Another feature that patients benefit from when using this device is the Safety Amplitude Cap that it brings to prevent accidental knob movements.  However, it is important that before you start with the electrotherapy you must learn how to use a TENS 3000.  When you buy the product at your favorite medical supplies company such as Discount Medical Supplies, you will receive the product with a user manual that should not be ignored.

Learning how to use electromedicals tens 3000 involves steps and knowledge that you must have before, during and after the electrotherapy takes place.  Before you use the tens 3000 you must test the battery to make sure it is fully charged. Make sure you turn off the control knobs completely before starting. Next step would be to clean the area where the electrodes are going to be placed. The skin needs to be clean and dry to make sure the electrodes will have the proper adherence and provide the best conductivity.  Once you have done that, put the electrodes on your skin.  Ask someone to help you if the area of application is hard to reach.  Then attach the pin connectors to the lead wires and into the electrodes. Then go ahead and plug the other end of the wires into the Tens 3000.  Slowly start to turn up the knobs until you start feeling a tingling feeling and set it to a point where the tingling feels good and bearable.

There are very important aspects that you must consider when you are learning how to use a Tens 3000 at the moment you are having the therapy applied.  Pay attention to your muscles reaction to the electricity.  If they start to twitch, it might be an indication that the current is too strong or too fast.  Also, make sure that the signals are not too weak or slow.  This can be recognized by not feeling anything during the therapy.  Never fall asleep or get into water while your TENS 3000 on.

Finally yet importantly make sure you follow the proper steps after our electrotherapy session with the Tens 3000.  Remember to turn off the knobs and then unplug the lead wires from the device.  Remove the electrodes from the skin and clean them with soap and water.  Never clean them with alcohol because it will result damaging to the rubber.  Always remove the battery from your TENS 3000 before you store it.

Now that you have the basics on how to use a tens 3000 begin enjoying the pain relief soothing therapy of such a wonderful device.  This product is a bestseller and indeed the most popular electromedicals tens units at Discount Medical Supplies and it is available at the most affordable price in the market. 

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