Buy Tens 3000 units at Discount Prices

tens-3000By using a state of the art microprocessor technology the TENS 3000 is a high quality TENS unit that boasts of an exact dial performance for a better and more accurate pain management.  The TENS 3000 combines the simplified operation system of an analog unit and the precision and accuracy of the digital unit. This makes it one of the most popular and preferred TENS units nowadays.  With safety being one of the most important factors, the TENS 3000 comes with a Safety Amplitude Cap that gives the user the protection needed against power jolts caused by accidental knob movements.

Tens 3000 Product Features




  • Portable unit with its own carrying case to take it anywhere.
  • Can be used at home with no guidance of medical professionals.
  • Comes with the stimulator, a nine-volt battery, electrodes with self-adhesive pads and lead wires.
  • Safety Amplitude Cap that locks the knobs in place for users safety and protection.
  • Microprocessor Technology for an accurate adjustment
  • Three available modes: Constant, Modulation, and Burst
  • Affordable price.

What Buyers Like About the TENS 3000

The TENS 3000 has climbed up the ladder of popularity not only for its low price but also because of the specs and capabilities that it has. The first and most important aspect to consider is its non- invasive procedure to treat pain. Patients will favor transcutaneous therapy before having to go through a surgery that can result in further complications. The TENS 3000 unit can be used in the treatment of back and shoulder pain, migraines and painful headaches, leg pain, sciatica, foot pain and many more.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the TENS 3000

As most medications and therapeutic equipment the TENS 3000 has a series of contraindications for the public to consider. Despite the fact that it works miracles on most patients there are a few conditions that will prohibit the use of the devise.

  • Patients with pacemakers are unable to use the TENS 3000 as the electricity traveling through the electrodes may disrupt proper functioning of the pacemaker.
  • The TENS 3000 should not be used during pregnancy.
  • Patients with epilepsy are unable to use the product as well.
  • The TENS 3000 must never be used in open wounds or infected areas.


Always ask your doctor or physical therapist before using this or any other product that will have any type of impact on your health. TENS unit 3000 has been used when pain medications cease to have any effect on the patient. It will stimulate the nerves and promote a fast healing of the affected area.  Along with the safety and the effectiveness of the product, our customers find it to be amazingly affordable.