Topical and Analgesic supplies always good to have around!

analgesic-suppliesTopical and analgesic supplies are a worldwide solution used for the relief of strained or tired muscles, joints and soft tissues. There is a wide diversity in this category of products that may be used depending on the needs of the patient.  Discount Medical Supplies offers a great deal of lotions, gels, ointment, pads and sprays at a great price for different analgesic  purposes. There are also skin care products available for a wide variety of uses such as body lotions, lip balms, burn relief aloe gels, anti-itch creams and others.

The main use however for these topical and analgesics supplies is for pain relief. There are many options as they come in different presentations and forms of application.  We have the spray on bottles, roll on sticks and others that are pumped or squeezed into the hand for direct application.



Topical and analgesics products are also used constantly in the treatment of nerve pain. However when they are prescribed for this reason it is due to the fact that oral medications end up being ineffective or not tolerated. The main advantage in this case is that topical medications do not get ingested or metabolized therefore it is a treatment absent of side effects. At the same time there is no risk of drug interactions  or the need to adjust the dosage.

Other customers have shown preference for self adhesive heating pads instead of gels or ointments. These pads are engineered to provide  and maintain chemical activated heat that will last for up to twelve hours. It is activated by the body's circulatory system and allows the user to go about their daily activities. It's like having an electrical heating pad on the go with no electrical cord.

Pain relief and skin care are so much easier with all the products available at Discount Medical Supplies. There are different scents and even odorless products to choose from . Whether you are looking for cooling or heating feeling, we have a fully equipped catalogue with all the topical and analgesic  supplies you need. Our select combination of products are available at a very affordable price.

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