Twin Stim 2nd Edition Review

twin-stim-2ndThe Twin Stim 2nd Edition provides a number of improvements over the earlier model, delivering both TENS and EMS stimulation for therapy and pain relief.

Twin Stim 2nd Edition  Product Features


This model incorporates the following features:

  • A Precision combination of Electrical Muscle Stimulation 7000 with Transcutaneal Electrical Nerve Stimulation 7000, offering a selection of five TENS modalities and two EMS modalities.
  • The Twin Stim 2nd Edition unit offers two channels, with isolation between the individual channels so they can be used simultaneously.
  • The amplitude of pulse can be adjusted within a range of zero to one hundred milliamps from one peak to the next, into a five hundred ohm load for each of the two separate channels.
  • The output of voltage ranges from zero to fifty volts, with a five hundred ohm load.
  • The rate of pulse can be adjusted from two Hertz to one hundred and fifty Hertz, in increments of a single Hertz per step.
  • The width of pulse can be adjusted from fifty microseconds to three hundred microseconds, in increments of ten microseconds per step.
  • The wave form is fixed in square biphasic asymmetrical pulse.
  • The on time and off time can be adjusted in one-second increments from two seconds all the way up to ninety seconds.
  • The ramp time can be adjusted in one-second increments from one second to eight seconds, with the on time automatically adjusting according to the selection.
  • The EMS stimulation can be delivered in any one of three modalities: alternate, synchronous, and constant.
  • When the machine is set to constant stimulation, the pulse delivery (both width and rate) can be manually adjusted, as well as the timer.
  • The five available TENs modes include strength duration two, strength duration one, modulation, normal, and burst.
  • The timer can be adjusted to range from five minutes to sixty minutes, or can run on a continuous setting. The time setting can be adjusted in five minute increments, and provides an LCD display countdown of the treatment being applied.
  • The unit comes with lead wires, self adhering separate electrodes, a nine volt battery, and a hard carrying case constructed of heavy duty plastic.

What Buyers Like About The Twin Stim 2nd Edition

Buyers of this unit love these features:

  • The ability to use the Twin Stim on battery power.
  • The relatively small size of the unit and carrying case make it ideal for mobile use.
  • The selection of modes and settings provides a wide range of treatment options.

What Buyers Don’t Like About This Product

There are smaller machines on the market, but this unit, though not precisely pocket-sized, is still incredibly portable, particularly when used with its protective case.


The Twin Stim 2nd Edition provides a healthy array of therapy options in a small and portable package, without need for a wall outlet to put it to use. Its low price makes it ideal for the mobile elements of a therapy practice, or even for home use. Please use our live chat at Wholesale Medical Supplies and speak to a doctor or staff member that can help you choose the right electrical physiotherapy  for you.