Ultima Neo Combo Product Review

ultima-neoThe Ultima Neo combo therapy unit is a hand-held device that packs a punch for pain relief and physiotherapy. With a wider range of options than you would guess from its petite size, this machine is a high impact treatment device.

Product Features


Designed as a Combo Unit  stimulator with multiple modes, this unit offers many features:

  • The multiplicity of modalities includes micro current, interferential (IF), and transcutaneal electrical nerve stimulation (TENS).
  • The device operates on dual channels, with integrated interferential stimulation in sine wave form, and the top shelf micro current modality.
  • The tiny lithium ion power source is rechargeable, enabling the operator to use the IF functionality without being plugged into an outlet. Additionally, the long lasting battery runs seemingly forever on the EMS, Micro current, and TENS modalities.
  • The manufacturer offers a full year of warranty on absolutely any defect of mechanics, with no questions posed.
  • The TENS mode includes twenty steps (up and down) of five milliamp each, ranging from one hundred milliamp to one thousand. TENS frequency ranges from one Hertz to one hundred and fifty Hertz in single-Hertz steps. The width of pulse, measured in uS, ranges from fifty to three hundred, in steps of ten uS. The timer can operate continuously, or on cycles of fifteen, thirty, forty-five, sixty, or ninety minutes. Waveform options include mono-phasic, as well as both symmetrical and asymmetrical rectangular biphasic.
  • The EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) mode includes twenty steps (up and down) of five milliamp each, ranging from one hundred milliamp to one thousand. EMS frequency ranges in one-Hertz steps from one Hertz to one hundred and ten. The width of pulse ranges from fifty to four hundred seconds, in steps of fifty seconds each. The wave form is available in biphasic rectangular, symmetrical or alternated. The ramp time ranges from zero to five seconds in one-second steps, with on time and off time of one to sixty seconds in single-second steps. The treatment timer can be adjusted to continuous, or ten, twenty, thirty, forty-five, sixty, or ninety minutes.
  • The Micro mode intensity ranges from two milli-amps to seventy two on each channel. The frequency is fixed at ninety-four Hertz, width of pulse is fixed at two hundred and fifty seconds, and treatment timer ranges from ten to ninety minutes, or a continuous setting.

What Buyers Like About the Ultima Neo Combo

Here’s what buyers love about this machine:

  • Its size belies its utility, given how many options are available with multiple modes and adjustable settings.
  • Physical therapy can be delivered onsite for any number of conditions.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Ultima Neo Combo

Some buyers are concerned about the device status as a Class Two Medical Device, which can’t get sent back after being used. However, users so enjoy the functionality of the machine that this restriction, imposed by the FDA, does not tend to come into play.


The Ultima Neo combo machine offers more alternatives than any other machine its size, and all for an affordable price.

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